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Playing The Piano – Back To Basics: How To Produce Different Tones On Your Piano

There is more to playing the piano than just hitting the notes on the keyboard. Music, like any other art form, has to be expressed and people interpret its meaning and feel its message. The piano produces different effects to complement the mood of the music being played. Here is an introduction to some of these techniques.

Learn How To Play the Guitar – It’s Easier Than You Think

Learning how to play the guitar like a pro is something that takes focus and dedication. While most musical instruments take around ten years to master, the guitar can be played by almost anyone that has learned to play just a few guitar chords.

Organ Playing: What Are the 3 Exceptions of Legato Articulation in Romantic and Modern Music?

Although the legato articulation is the traditional touch for the Romantic and modern organ music, there are several exceptions. It is important for the organist to know when the legato touch is not to be used because performed with the legato articulation in entirety such music might lack precision, clarity, and vitality. In this article, I would like to give you the 3 instances when the legato articulation should not be used and how such cases should be performed in Romantic and modern organ pieces.

Best Apps for Teaching Music

Do you remember the first time you were let loose on a Portastudio? Or your mates drum machine?

Who Will Teach You To Play The Guitar?

I wanted to learn to write poetry, and I thought I would be a better writer if I knew how to play music. Poetry is primarily an aural art, and rhythm is its natural voice. Beginning I found a teacher and borrowed a guitar from a friend.

3 Techniques to Achieve Efficient Fingering in Romantic and Modern Music on the Organ

Many beginner organists struggle with choosing the correct and efficient fingering in their music. Without knowing what are the main principles of fingering, it will be difficult to achieve a perfect legato and play with precision and accuracy. In this article, I will give you 3 techniques which will help you to choose the most efficient fingering in Romantic and modern organ music.

3 Tips for Choosing the Most Efficient Fingering for Romantic and Modern Organ Music

Knowing how to choose the most efficient fingering is crucial to any organist. This skill is important because it makes a big difference both in practicing and performing. If you know how to play with good fingering, you will feel much more confident and your performance might sound effortless and efficient. In addition, the right fingering helps you to avoid mistakes and allows playing with precision and clarity. In this article, I will give you 3 tips which will help you to choose the most efficient fingering for Romantic and modern organ music.

Organ Playing: What Is the Ordinary Touch and When You Should Use It?

Although there are many technical elements in organ playing, one of the most important and noticeable is articulation. Knowing what kind of articulation to use in any specific organ piece is indispensable skill any organist must strive to achieve. One particular type of articulation, the Ordinary Touch, is commonly used in certain organ music. In this article, I would will explain what it is and when you should use it.

Ar You Using This Technique Which Helps Eliminate Mistakes in Organ Playing?

Although attention to detail is crucial in practicing your organ music, it is not enough to be able to play without mistakes. You need to have a special kind of mentality. Here I am referring to the focused mind which can help you to reach that optimum performance state which in turn will empower you not only to play without the mistakes. In this article, I will explain this mental technique and how to achieve it.

Beat Making Secrets: Make a Rap Beat With Dub Turbo

Hello, my name is Alison Kelly and today I am going to tell you how to make a nice rap loop. This is very easy. In order to make a great beat, the most important thing is to put all the instruments in the right way so that they sound like a good rhythm.

How to Make Rap, Dance and Hip Hop Beats Fast Like a Pro

In this article, I am going to tell you how you can make rap and hip hop beat in no time. Surely, to make a good beat, creativity is one of the most important characteristic you should have.

Chordination – Tips for Guitar Players, Beginners and the Rest

Here are a few valuable tips for anyone who plays, or wants to learn to play, the guitar. These should be implemented as soon as possible. Getting into the following habits will make things much easier for you in the long term.

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