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How to Drum With Dynamics

Learning about the various dynamics or noise levels in drumming. It’s important to know about varying your volume levels if you want to be a more musical drummer.

Why Do Some People Sing and Others Do Not?

Have you ever wondered why some people sing and others do not? We all have vocal chords. How do we use them?

Caring Well for Your Guitar

Guitar playing is a kind of hobby that completes the day of some individuals. There are some who even rely on their guitar every time they feel sad. In small gatherings and events, you can see the guitar being used because it is easy to bring and it can be played by some other people.

The Groove Of Bass In The Hip-Hop Scene

When it comes to Hip-hop scene, vocalization is the center of attention– drums and other percussion instruments, guitars, horns and even synthesizers only provides the backdrop. As for bass lines, you might want to listen about Soul, Gospel, Funk, Reggae and traditional African music-the foundations of modern Hip-hop and Rap music. Studying the aforementioned genre will give you a great scope on how Hip-hop evolved in terms of bass groove.

Features and Benefits of the Yamaha P-155 Digital Piano

Yamaha is the only manufacturer of acoustic pianos which also builds digital pianos and has improved its high-quality slab piano, the P-155 for the 2009 Winter NAMM. Although designed for a musician who is gigging and needs quality tone and touch piano, the Yamaha P-155 can also be used at home for practicing.

Discover the Features and Benefits of the Yamaha NP-30 Digital Piano

Yamaha has been making quality pianos for quite a number of years, and over time they have worked to improve their line of products so that they can keep their customers satisfied. Purchasing a Yamaha piano will help you to save both money and time, as these pianos are very cost-effective and you can easily find a Yamaha piano online or at your local musical instrument store.

Develop a Well-Rounded Bass Drum Technique

Learning how to effectively play bass drum techniques is very crucial to your development as a drummer. Often times, we neglect this skill because we are too focused on the activities that our right and left hands are doing. Listen to great drummers in any music; you will notice their skill in smooth and timely bass patterns.

Ways To Practice Scales On Trumpet

The importance of learning and practicing the 12 major scales cannot be overstated for serious musicians. These form the backbone of western music. However, most people are turned off by the idea of just repeating the scales over and over again. While that approach may work, it’s not the most engaging way to learn scales. I would like to share with you some variations on learning your scales that will be just as effective, but much more interesting for you in the practice room.

Your Song Is Boring: 5 Tips On How To Improve Your Songwriting When You Feel It’s Lacking

Have you ever wrote a song and wondered what was missing? There is nothing seriously wrong with it, no obvious problem, but for some reason it really doesn’t seem to work. You would think that following all of the guidelines written for songwriting would always produce a brilliant song – even a great song – and after all of that hard work you would have something to show for it.

Vocal Ranges – Coach Has Tips for High Notes

Vocal ranges are a serious concern to most singers. High notes are like gold — they’re the singer’s money-maker. But there is a cost. A singer can’t simply take them for granted. They must plan in advance so these notes at the far end of normal vocal ranges can be executed with precision. Here are five tips that could help both the high notes and the low notes hit the jackpot.

Three Diaphragm Singing Tips Anybody Could Use

Learn to sing better with these diaphragm singing tips. Whether you are a beginner or professional singer, you will want to learn more about diaphragm singing.

Why Most Students Quit Piano Lessons

Do you know why most adults who have taken piano as a kid give up the instrument? Do you know that many of them regret it later? This article explores the main reason students quit piano and how we can stop the trend.

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