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Learning to Play the Guitar Is One Big Fun Guitar Lesson

Online guitar lessons or any guitar lesson should be an enjoyable experience. Online video guitar lessons are effective and cheap. Have a bunch of fun learning to play the guitar at home.

Learn the Correct Guitar Playing Posture!

When you are playing an instrument, it is important that you are comfortable. It will very hard for you to go all out and be energetic if you are compromising your form. Also, a very bad posture leads to a very poor technique-something that you need to avoid.

Amazing Guitar Related Gift Ideas

For a guitarist, there is nothing more special than having a guitar or guitar-related items as gifts. With that in mind, let us help you to surprise them with so many guitar related gifts to put them on a festive mood. Though these items may vary in price or quality, what is important is the effort and time you invested finding-and wrapping-these gifts.

Amazing Care Tips For Your Cymbals

Overtime, the grueling drum sessions will make your cymbals look like a tin can. Those cracks, dents and rusts will not only ruin your instrument but your budget as well! There are steps you need to do in order to save your cymbals from being just a piece of metal; they are: cleaning/polishing and repairing.

What Is The Easiest Instrument to Learn?

When taking a closer look at musical instruments, many come to the conclusion that piano would be the easiest instrument to learn. However, this is a common misconception. Learning to play piano is not any easier than learning to play guitar, and although this often depends on the person learning to play, the real difference comes in the achieved level and expertise of an instrument. I will be using guitars as comparison because other string instruments, such as violins and cellos, have been proven to take longer to learn, due to the complexity of the instrument. This applies also to the most of the instruments in the woodwind family.

Tips on How to Sing Better

This article offers information for anyone who wants to learn how to sing better. Whether you are a beginner singer or professional singer, these techniques will be very helpful in making you sing better.

How to Play Guitar Solos

Have you ever watched an amazing guitar solo performance and dreamed of playing the same with great proficiency? Isn’t it always our dream to be on stage playing our favorite licks in front of screaming fans? But the problem is, reality bites back and you wake up only to realize you are not as talented as you think you are.

Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Guitarists

This is the season to be merry. For guitarists-advanced or beginners alike,there is nothing more exciting than receiving wonderful guitar-related gifts. If you’ve been really good this whole year, maybe dear old Santa has wrapped-up something very special for you.

How To Stay Calm During a Live Performance

Don’t you love the feeling when about 50 to 500 heads turn to you and the eyes just get glued to your shaking face and being? I do. That’s one of my favorite things in playing music. Live concerts. The lights, the booming audience and the adrenaline injection are just earthshaking!

Why the Piano Is Such a Fascinating Instrument

You can study piano without breaking your fingertips or even your spending budget. Let’s start with the piano itself and why piano music remains to be so popular today.

Am I Qualified to Teach Private Lessons?

A lot of musicians supplement their incomes by teaching private music lessons. This is actually a very good way to make some extra money. Most musicians who are serious about improving will take private lessons at some point in their career. In addition, band directors and other music educators regularly promote private lessons to their students because when lots of students are taking private lessons the quality of the group as a whole goes up. So, there are opportunities for lots of free promotion too. That’s great for building your clientele. In fact, many teachers distribute lists of local private instructors to their students. If you are reading this article chances are that you are considering becoming one of those private instructors. Are you qualified? Let’s find out.

Important Tips on Blues Guitar Playing

Perhaps most of the famous Western music genres branched out from Blues. You can hear its signature on pop, jazz, R&B, Hiphop, Metal and rock. Although you may not be aware about it but some of the best guitarist out there are knowledgeable in blues such as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page.

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