? Learn To Play “Watch What Happens” (Jazz Standard) on Guitar – Song Lesson Overview – TrueFire

Songwriters – Learn How the Position of Your Lyrics Can Change What You’re Saying

A great way to study songwriting is to take apart songs written by the professionals to see what makes them work. In this article, we’ll study the Foo Fighters’ Song, “These Days” to analyze the position of its lyrics to see how that can change what they’re saying.

Look for Solid Woods When Buying an Acoustic Guitar

For the best tone, look for solid woods when buying an acoustic guitar. Laminated wood makes for a poor sounding instrument.

The Importance of Guitar Finger Exercises Revealed

On our quest to becoming faster and more accurate guitar players we always try different approaches to building speed and accuracy for that matter. There are many approaches to building the above mentioned but in my opinion the most effective on the long run are the guitar finger exercises. What are guitar finger exercises?

Finger Picking Basics for Guitar

Learning finger picking helps every guitar player be a better musician. Improve your musicianship by learning to finger pick.

There Are a Number of Ways to Play the Same Chord on Guitar

Create better sounding guitar chords by learning to play in different ways. The same chord appears many times on the guitar fretboard.

Learn Power Chords on Guitar for a Tight, Punchy Sound

Power chords create a strong and powerful sound when playing guitar. Take the first step to becoming a great guitarist by learning power chords.

Should You Choose an Electric Acoustic Guitar?

The electric acoustic guitar is one of the most versatile forms of musical instruments. Find out more why it’s being preferred by many.

The Best Way to Learn Guitar Quickly

Would you like to learn the best way to learn guitar quickly? There are a lot of guitar players out there who tend to get stuck. But I have the perfect way to help you break through your plateau and to get inspired.

How to Turn Guitar Scales Into Great Solos

The first step in creating great guitar solos is an understanding of scales and when and how to use them. Every song is made up of a chord progression, a series of chords that forms the foundation for the song. Knowing what scale to use to play within a particular progression is the first step in putting together a great guitar solo.

Gifts for Your Guitar Player

Holidays, birthdays and special occasions are times that you could think of purchasing items for someone you know that plays guitar. A teacher or friend (even a personal guitar shopper) can help with all of these things and ideas. Here are some inexpensive and some not so inexpensive gifts.

Singers and Songwriters – How Dave Grohl Attaches Emotion to His Lyrics in Monkey Wrench

A great way to study songwriting is to take apart current hits to see what makes them work. In this article, we’ll study the Foo Fighters’ Song, “Monkey Wrench,” and how Dave Grohl has effectively made us of emoting his vocal delivery.

What Are Some Effective Vocal Exercises?

This article is for anybody who is learning to sing. It deals specifically with the topic of vocal exercises.

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