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Practice Session Strategy For Guitarists

As part of his book “Outliers”, Malcolm Gladwell stated that it requires ten thousand hours of training to master an art form or subject. But with guitar (as with other skillsets) the amount of time you spend training is merely part of the puzzle. You also need to understand WHAT and HOW to rehearse to get the most out of all your guitar practice time. This is a strategy for the perfect guitar practice session.

Learn How to Play the Guitar: The Game Plan

Learning how to play the guitar can be quite overwhelming. In this article, the reader is presented with a simple and insightful blueprint on how to learn to play the guitar.

Blues Guitar Playing

Do you play the guitar? Do you play blues? If not, have your ever thought of playing blues on the guitar? This article explains the origins of blues music and the sheer joy as well as sadness that can be experienced when playing blues guitar.

Beginner Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars for beginners come in all shapes and sizes. If you are thinking of learning to play the acoustic guitar then you should consider your purchase very carefully. This way you can be sure that you choose the right acoustic guitar for your specific needs.

How to Arrange the Order of Effects Pedals for Your Guitar and Amp

If you’ve started accumulating a few effects pedals you may have been wondering if there’s an optimal way to chain them together for the best sound. The truth is this is something that’s open for debate, to an extent. Depending on the overall sound your trying to achieve, the kind of music your into, and your ears in general, what may sound fantastic to you may sound horrendous to someone else, and vice-versa. There is however a very general consensus on the best ordering. You can use this as a guide to start you off, and if you feel like rearranging things a bit from there, go ahead!

Step by Step: How to Write a Rap Song

Learning how to write a rap song is a relatively simple process. Learning how to write a good rap song takes years of practice and effort. In this step by step guide you will understand the basics of rapping that you can utilize to record your own raps and improve your flow.

Learning To Play Piano – Common Beginners’ Problems

Beginners face a steep learning curve when introduced to the piano. Both the piano needs to be understood, as does the music that will be read and played on the piano. There are a number of common problems that all beginners tend to experience that are at first seen as insurmountable.

Make Beats Like a Pro – The Basics of Beats in Your Music

The beat and the basics? Not many people realise that one of the first forms of music was based on a beat – and it looks like its starting to round its circle nowadays. Now – in modern times, when again it allows us to express ourselves – we make beats to create music that is original and timeless.

The Basic Parts of a Sheet Music Stand

There are a multitude of different kinds of sheet music stands, but almost all of them share the same basic parts. Learn the names of these parts; and along with increasing your general musical knowledge, you will also become better able to compare the differences among music stands currently available on the market.

Features and Lesson Information of the Yamaha YPG-635 Digital Piano

There are 30 songs that are built-into the Yamaha YPG-635 along with an additional 70 on CD-ROM which is included for beginners to learn how to play by using the Education Suite from Yamaha. These songs provide 7 lessons as well as a chord dictionary.

Tune Your Guitar by Ear

The guitar tuner is an essential tool for guitarists. Few musicians have noticed how this device can affect hearing. Herein, you will find an unpublished technique I’ve used for years to improve my pitch.

Does It Take Long To Play Guitar Like A Pro?

Countless times I’ve been asked the same old question from novices of the guitar, does it take long to play guitar like a pro? This question doesn’t really have an answer. The learning process of mastering an instrument has no end; we continue to learn new things everyday. The teacher also is a student of the guitar so how can we define something that’s limitless when learning to master the guitar or any instrument. What levels are we talking about or want to achieve? These are questions we can ask ourselves before searching for an answer.

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