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Free Online Guitar Classes – Anyone Can Play Guitar

Before they became one of the most famous bands in the world, Radiohead had a debut album called “Pablo Honey”. As well as the multi-million selling single “Creep”, the album featured a song called “Anyone Can Play Guitar” – something that a lot of frustrated musicians have since found to be slightly inaccurate. Much as we try, there are some of us who feel that the likelihood of us ever managing to get something resembling a tune out of a musical instrument is at best limited.

Three Ways For A Guitarist To Get Out Of A Rut

We all know the feeling of being in a rut. Nothing you play sounds good or original. You play your usual licks every time you improvise. It feels like your progress has stopped and it is not enjoyable anymore to play the instrument. I have had that feeling numerous times but I have always got out of the rut with some effort and dedication. I compiled the top three ways that really helped me when I needed to get out of a rut a will certainly help you too.

Power Piano Chords – How You Can Learn to Play

Where you can learn the steps to becoming a great pianist. I give a step-by-step instruction guide to learning how to play along with some tips to help you on your way.

Do You Want to Learn How to Play Violin?

So you want to learn how to play violin? in this article you will find out a new method of teaching that has been proven to work and has helped hundreds of violinists to achieve their dreams. Just by following the steps below you will soon be able to learn how to play violin.

Why Use Solfege For Sight Singing? – 3 Reasons

Although learning sight singing by using numbers is more intuitive, it has serious disadvantages. Here are three reasons why students should migrate to using solfege syllables as quickly as possible.

The Electric Guitar Is One of the Most Complicated Musical Instruments to Learn

The electric guitar is one of the most complicated musical instruments to learn. Learning to play the electric guitar requires basic knowledge in other musical instruments and technical know-how in music. It is usually a secondary and advanced course after mastering the rhythm guitar and possessing mastery of musical technicalities such as chords, notes, tabulations.

Playing A Hollow Body Electric Guitar

You need to be aware that there are actually a lot of things you don’t know about this guitar, specifically the hollow body guitar. Most if not all, these kinds of guitars have wider bodies compared to the electric guitars and obviously they are a lot thinner than the conventional acoustic guitars.

Playing Piano Can Be a Great Hobby

Many of us have been dreaming to play a magical song piece in a cozy atmosphere. Let’s face it, we had dreamed to become musicians ourselves once in our lives, right? Isn’t becoming a rockstar one of the famous daydream scenarios of children in their puberty stages? Everyone has that certain longing of being able to appreciate the arts through music. The catch is, you will need to put on extra effort to materialize the need to become a part of a band for example. Being able to play the piano is one of the classical and traditional ways of getting entangled with music. Aside from the prestige it offers, it has become a significant part in the development of music itself

3 Basics Necessary Before Signing Up For Guitar Lessons

Preparation, like any other undertaking, is vital when you decide to pursue guitar lessons. To know beforehand what you need to start with gives you a complete picture of what is at stake. I want to stress this point here for it was not easy when I started my lessons. I blamed myself unnecessarily anytime things were not going on well simply because I did not plan well.

Ear Training for Guitarists and Bass Players – Part I

If you find it difficult to work out guitar or bass riffs by ear, here are some tips to help you with the rudiments of ear training. These are easy-to-understand-and-implement concepts and will help you play your instrument better.

Learning How to Play the Bass Guitar Fast

My dream was always to learn how to play bass guitar? And guess what I have realized that dream and now playing the bass faster than ever imaginable. Remember learning and playing bass guitar is all about having fun and not so about formal training. You just have to keep practicing the simple steps outlined in this course and you too will be playing guitar fast. It’s a great instrument which commands respect from others and will provide a life time of entertainment when mastered.

Acoustic Guitar Reviews – Should I Play a Left-Handed Guitar?

1st, are you left or right-handed? That’s of course a very first question you ought to ask your self in case your considering a left handed acoustic guitar. Obviously, it depends on your dominant hand.

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