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4 Main Reasons Your Arms, Wrists, And Hands Get Stiff When You Play Guitar And What To Do About It

There are 4 common things that most guitarists do that prevent them from getting better. Find out what they are and how to overcome them…

Practice Marimba – Is It Better to Make Your Own?

Have your children shown a definite interest in music? Maybe they need a practice marimba to practice on at home. Being the good mom or dad doesn’t mean going broke to find a decent instrument. In fact, you can build your own!

The One Thing That Can Have The Biggest Impact On Your Guitar Playing

This is the one thing that when mastered can make you a great guitar player. At the same time, not doing it can make it very difficult to advance any further once you reach a certain technical level. This is ignored by most guitar teachers and as a result, they turn out a lot of mediocre guitarists. Read this and don’t be one of these players…

Learning Acoustic Guitar – How To Do It Free

You are convinced that you can learn acoustic guitar, as a big-time hobby, in the shortest possible time. You are in dire need of it to perform at a coming occasion. The interest and dedication to learn is there but there is a problem, lack of funds. You do not have money to pay for a music teacher for formal and online lessons. What do you do in this circumstance when you strongly feel you need it? My research brought me this far and I think you need one of this options to realize your dream.

Learn to Play the Guitar – Advice for Left Handed Musicians

In the world today many individuals are right handed but there are those of us who use our left hands more often. Whilst this isn’t an issue in most cases there are certain tasks that can prove to be a little more challenging, like playing a guitar. But what should you do if it is your desire to play like Jimi Hendrix should you give up before you begin?

A Review of Music Together

The strongest concept of the Music Together program might be expressed as family style learning. This music learning program shows its greatest strength in helping families to enjoy music making experiences with all ages together. Seeking the bond that develops as a result of these experiences is a strength that has helped to spread this program around the world.

A Review of the Yamaha Young Musicians Program

The Yamaha Young Musicians Program is but one tier of the Yamaha method of teaching music. This tier focuses on teaching students ages 6 to 8 years old. The goal is to provide experiences that will develop a lifelong love of music in each student. Parents considering this music education route will be interested to learn about its key components.

A Review of the Suzuki Music Method

Literally thousands of music students have learned how to play music learning with the Suzuki method. It is internationally recognized as one of the top quality ways to study violin. With an emphasis on early childhood learning, the method has been the inspiration for many teachers. Here is why.

Why Is Singorama the Best Singing Guide?

Singorama continues to be ranked amongst the leading essential vocal skill manuals for anybody who would like to enhance their vocal capabilities or perform just like a professional. Singorama operates much like a virtual mentorship. In the case of vocal singing, what you genuinely require is a trainer or even a tutor who could perhaps teach you the proper way to sing, to breathe correctly, maintain the proper stance, perform within the extended singing range, do warm-up exercises and much more.

Learn Guitar Notes By Following Guitar Tutorials For Beginners

“Without music, life would be a mistake” is an old saying. Yes, music renders joy and makes the soul blissful. There are various forms to express music. Musical instruments do it perfectly. Guitar is one of the most ancient musical instruments of the world. Traditionally, there were only acoustic guitars. Today, there are several types of guitars sold in the market. There are a lot of manufacturers who have the reputation of manufacturing guitars for almost a century.

What Is The Best Place To Learn Bass Guitar Scales Plus Bass Guitar Chords?

A bass guitar is similar to an ordinary acoustic guitar with a longer scale length than that of an ordinary acoustic guitar. Bass guitar music is widely used in western musical forms such as rap, jazz, rock and pop. The bass guitar is played by plucking the strings. It is played with the help of the thumb and fingers. Learning bass guitar scales are not an easy deal.

Try A Video Guitar Lesson – Will It Help You To Learn To Play Guitar?

Why are people still taking private lessons, when they learn to play guitar? This article explains why there are better alternatives.

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