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Cheap Electric Guitar or Building a Guitar From Scratch

Making your own guitar takes a long time to do well, but is ultimately extremely rewarding. An acoustic guitar will be a challenge and probably best kept clear of at first, but instead of a cheap electric guitar this could be the place to start to hone your skills.

Which Musical Instrument Should Your Child Learn to Play?

As a parent, you want to expose your children to as many interesting experiences as possible, and that includes exposure to music. Most music teachers agree that it is not a good idea to expose children to formal music lessons too early because that is a sure way to put them off music. This article looks into childrens music and how to encourage them to play an instrument.

How To Play Piano – Simple Teach Yourself Music Lessons For Beginners

Imagine walking up to a piano and playing half a dozen songs for your friends, or be asked to play for your church, on the odd occasion that the regular pianist cannot attend. Or just play the piano for you, maybe compose a little song or two; how cool would that be? Well I can tell you it is possible and anybody can do it. This article is the first of seven articles with very useful information that will give you to a firm grounding to go on and teach yourself how to play.

How to Play Piano – 3 Easy Lessons to Help Teach Yourself Music

Most people would like to play their favourite song on the piano and sing along even if they were sitting at home alone; to be able to play and just sing to yourself, wouldn’t that be cool. Or sing to your loved one, perhaps that’s going too far, LOL. You will be ecstatic to find out that you can with a little coaching, easily teach yourself to play music.

How to Sing – Which Breath Support Method Is the Best One to Use for Singing?

Working out which Breath Support Technique to use with singing can be a daunting experience, especially these days with the internet having so much information on the subject. The purpose of this article is to look at some of these and explain which technique is the correct one.

Tips On How To Sing Higher Notes

These are tips that you could use if you would like to learn how to sing higher notes. You can do these exercises so that you would have a wider vocal range.

An Online Guitar Tuner For All Those Wondrous Alternative Tunings

Alternative tuning of the guitar is possible and opens up numerous possibilities. As you try different tunings you will uncover influences and sounds as you tread paths that others have gone before. However, you may also uncover some new paths so don’t forget your machete! To tune your guitar effectively you can either buy a chromatic tuner or find a web resource that has an effective online guitar tuner to get you started.

Learn To Master The Guitar Easily

Do you often find yourself awestruck whenever you see your favorite artist play the guitar so good? Do you feel inspired to play like your favorite star? If you are, then look no further, you came to the right place.

Fader Hand Tension – Why Less Equals More

Have you ever felt like you were putting way too much effort into scratching? You push and push and yet your results seem to be pretty stagnant. Well there are several symptoms that could be at the root of your suffering.

Learn How To Do Warm Up Vocal Exercises

Place a hand on either side of your mouth and let your fingers hold up your cheeks. Push your fingertips in until you feel your teeth meet.

A Few Singing Tips for Beginners – What Am I Doing Wrong?

Most of us have pre-conceived notions about singing and learning to sing, usually based on negative childhood experiences so traumatic we give up on the dream, believing it to be a lost cause. But these ‘mistakes’ are often purely physical, and understanding the instrument and a few hours of practice can make all the difference. Singing, at its root, is really about having fun and letting go. Here are a few simple singing tips to help you connect with your voice.

You Can Learn to Play Guitar Online!

The best, most inexpensive, convenient and fastest way to learn to play the guitar is to take guitar lessons online. Learn how to pick out a quality online program of guitar lessons that covers guitar tablature, guitar chords and everything else you will need to know while learning to play guitar or bass guitar.

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