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Think You Are Too Old To Learn The Piano? Here’s How You Can Be Just As Good As The Early Starters

You see someone playing the piano or keyboard with their fingers travelling along the black and white keys so beautifully and you wonder to yourself, “Can I do that? Is it still possible for me to learn the piano?” If you’re familiar with this tinge of jealousy and longing, then do continue to read on as I’m about to give you all the essential facts and tips you need to learn the piano whatever your age.

Guide To Playing The Guitar

This article dedicated to not only showing beginners how to play the guitar but also provides other hints, tips and advice. Also included is a link to a professional guitar playing guide.

Practical Singing Tips – How To Sing Better Without Lessons

Singing is a wonderful way to express oneself and truth is there are a lot of people who can carry a tune and you are probably one of them. You may not want to make a career out of singing but you simply want to sing better for that sense of accomplishment or simply because your like to. This article includes some of the more basic singing tips you should know about.

How to Be a DJ for Real

How to be a DJ is one skill that if asked most guys would want to learn. There is the whole idea of the lifestyle of girls, partying and music that makes it similar to the life of the rockstar. Well learning how to be a DJ is not all fun and games! Those things may be there but learning how to be a DJ involves hard work and persistence, only then do you get the rewards.

Must-Know Guitar Tips for Beginners Who Want To Be Seriously Good at Playing The Guitar

Have you ever felt jealous of the people who can play the guitar and not just play it but also appear to know exactly what the instrument is about? It has gotten easier for a lot of people to learn anything, including and especially the guitar, online. Anyone can simply pick a song they want to learn, search the chords for those songs and look at tutorials or finger placements that show how one how to rock these chords on the instrument. I’m one of those who tried my hand at guitar this way and many times I would claim that I can play the instrument.

The Best Tips For You On How to Sing Better

Just like the other performing arts, singing is a field that requires you to constantly challenge yourself and push yourself to the limits. There is no point in doing the same comfortable exercises over and over again because these will only cause your voice to stagnate with time, so that you will see little to no improvement. The secret to keeping yourself out of a singing rut is by advancing to more complicated and challenging exercises and techniques, as well as experimenting with other music genres.

How to Choose the Best Electric Guitar Online

If you are in the market for an electric guitar you may want to consider a few things first. There are many models and designs of electric guitars. Picking the right guitar that will fit you may not be as easy as you thought, and because of this, it becomes an overwhelming task. When picking an electric guitar there are many things to consider, the first is whether you are a beginner or advanced player. Below I will list a few guidelines that should help you when picking an electric guitar online.

Learn Guitar: How To Master The Harmonic Minor Scale And Play Like a Pro

Do you know the easiest way to learn all the important minor scales and accelerate your own individual guitar style? You will when you read and use this article.

3 Simple Steps To Learn How To Play The Piano

Piano has this special appeal to people. It seems such a very easy to play instrument and is capable of producing great and inspiring music. For these reasons, many aspire to learn how to play a piano. Even musicians who already know how to play a music instrument or two still make it a point to include playing piano as one of their skills. While piano appears to be a simple instrument to play, learning how to play it may not be too easy. There are factors that can make the learning process difficult. However, one should not worry about these factors. These factors are totally avoidable if the right steps are just followed. There is a very short checklist that should be met before getting into action and attempting to learn how to play piano.

Learn Guitar: Top 7 Ways To Stay Motivated And Play Like a Pro

Do you know the top 7 ways to stay motivated with your guitar playing and play like a pro? You will when you read and use this article.

Lead Guitar – Techniques and Melody – The Key To Musical Success

A lead guitarist in these modern times is expected to be proficient at a lot of guitar playing techniques, be capable of playing ultra-fast (shred), and have a basic understanding of Music Theory. The advanced lead guitarist must know the Church Modes and “modal” playing, know what a Natural minor and a Natural Major scale is, know about all the other “modes,” the Church Modes:

Writing Song Lyrics: A Powerful Art

Song lyrics writing becomes a powerful art on the world. It can bring changes in the world. A person who has a good hand to write lyrics can influence a nation.

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