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Diatonic Harmony To The Musician

When composers choose the notes or chords that accompany a melody this is called the harmony. Sometimes all the notes of a chord are played together; in other places they might be played one note at a time, as in arpeggios.

Can Anyone Learn To Sing Well?

Can anyone learn to sing? Yes. It just takes practice, hours of hard work, and the right training to sing well.

Directing Your Vocal Resonance When Learning How to Sing

Discovering you vocal resonance will not simply open up your vocal register but will additionally encourage you to concentrate on which specific area of the body to direct your voice to contingent on the tonal altitude that you are singing. This can advance your singing ability and the sound preeminence from the lowest to the highest notes.

Easy Singing Lessons For Beginners

Singing lessons for beginners help an individual learn the basics of singing. These can be taken by people who would like to become professional singers or can be taken by people who just love to sing.

How-To Warm Up Your Vocal Chords!

Trying to sing before warming up your voice is the reason why many people cannot reach high notes right away. It is important to use different methods to properly warm up your voice to get the full potential of your vocal range.

Learn and Master Guitar Your Way

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll never learn and master guitar without practice. Just 30 minutes every day can really add up fast. Building muscle memory is an important aspect of playing more complicated songs, so even if all you can do is chords or scales, practicing is worth it. You’ll learn and master guitar in no time if you crank away at it a few minutes a day.

How To Learn Keyboard Playing Fast – Without Reading Music

If you’d like to know how to learn keyboard playing fast, it really comes to down to a matter of focus. So many beginning and aspiring keyboard players have been conditioned to believe that learning to play keyboard – or piano – requires months of formal lessons, either from a dedicated teacher or from a method book. While these can certainly help you learn, they may not be the fastest methods for all students.

Discover How a Pianist Can Connect With The Audience

Have you ever listened and watched a pianist play and been completely mesmerised by them and almost drawn into what they are playing. This is all to do with the connection between the pianist and the song, and how they feel about the piece of music that they are playing. It’s all to do with how they portray the song, and getting this reaction and link across to the audience.

How To Play Piano With Both Hands – From Beginner To Professional

Learning to play piano with both hands is a challenge for many piano players, from beginner to professional. Even for seasoned piano veterans, a song or rhythm comes along that’s trickier than usual when trying to play with both hands on the piano.

The Steely Dan Mu Major Chord (And Beyond) for Guitarists, Part One

Some rock guitarists have difficulty finding ways to play the legendary Steely Dan Mu Major chord. In Part One we analyze the characteristics of the chord, and how a note cluster can function as several different chords. Voicing the chord on guitar is also discussed.

Music Piano Theory: Major Piano Scales

Have you always wanted to know how to improvise on the piano? What about how to compose piano music? Knowing what piano scales are and mastering them will help you achieve that. Here is the formula for playing major piano scales in all 12 keys…

What Is The Price Of A Decent Beginner Flute?

I have played a whole lot of various musical instruments aside from the flute. Exactly what I have found is that even though you are investing in a beginner instrument you really need to move over a sudden price tag to acquire a great musical instrument. A whole lot of individuals give the guidance to go for a low-priced flute to discover if actively playing the flute is a thing for you.

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