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Cleaning Your Guitar Strings – A Safe Method

When a person buys a guitar, they at some point ask the question: “Should I clean the strings, and if so, how?” This article will discuss a safe way to clean your guitar strings.

How to Write a Good Song: The Basics for Creating a Catchy Melody

No good song has a bad melody. Believe it or not, your melody could make or break a song. So how can you come up with melodies that will be stuck into people’s heads time and time again? Read this article to learn how.

You’ve Played Some Beginner Guitar Songs, But Do You Need Natural Ability To Progress Further?

If you once started learning guitar chords and then stopped, you’re not alone. You probably know many people who have ‘dabbled’ with playing an instrument but never became proficient. When I look at my family I remember violins, clarinets, keyboards, (as well as the guitar) being played by one or another of my relatives. But I can only recall one cousin who seriously played bass – and even he stopped eventually to take a ‘real’ job.

Adult Beginners Piano – The Correct Way To Practise Piano Scales To Avoid Wasting Your Time

When you learn piano one of the most important things you will learn is scales. These are very important and teach you the correct technique on the piano. They come in a wide variety of arrangements, including Ascending Major and Minor Scales, Arpeggios, Chromatic Scales, Broken Chords and Contrary Motion Scales – These are great for a beginner and sound really nice!

Why a Beginner to Piano Should Learn a Simple 12 Bar Blues, There Are Plenty of Free Video Tutorials

If you are a complete beginner to piano and have hardly even played a note yet, then something you should learn first is a 12 Bar Blues Progression. It is something that I teach all my beginner students and it’s proven very popular. There are plenty of really good video tutorials available online that will show you how to play simple 12 bar blues.

Five Building Blocks of Music

I was observing my three-year-old grandson playing with his wooden blocks and watching him turn these blocks into some beautiful buildings. I thought about how books are structured with letters, words and punctuation marks that turn into stories.

Three Steps To Learn Guitar Tabs

Have you recently bought a guitar, and are now looking at the best way to learn guitar tabs? If so, then it’s important to remember that a huge number of people are put off playing guitar, or at least taking it much further than the occasional rather sad sounding twang, simply because they go about it the wrong way. In this article we’ll be looking briefly at some of the best ways to make the most of every minute you spend with your guitar, in order to maximise both your success and the enjoyment that comes from learning to play guitar.

How To Improve Your Singing Voice

Learning how to sing better is an emotional rollercoaster and a fun journey. One day you may be sounding amazing and then the next day you sound like crap and you wonder “What Happened?!”

How To Write A Song

Writing a song is one of the most rewarding, fun experiences that a musician can go through. You don’t even have to be a spectacular musician to enjoy the process and write a great song but it does help to have some basic musical knowledge and a decent sense of rhythm, melody and pitch.

How to Choose an Instrument for Your School Aged Child to Learn

Learning a musical instrument is a great activity for children and can teach them a great skill to have in latter life while allowing a good extra curricular activity during their school years. I wanted to write an article on a few points you should consider if you are choosing an instrument for your child to learn during their school years.

Learning to Play the Guitar – What Are Chords?

So you want to learn how to play guitar but when you reach the part about chords you’re like “huh – what, what’s a chord?” I realise that this is a beginners problem if it isn’t and you’ve been playing the guitar for a few years now and don’t know what a chord is, then read on.

Scales and Keys

When you think of the particular method of studying how to read music as comparable to that of studying a language then scales/keys may very well be seen as the dialects. In other words, the different versions that may be observed throughout a language.

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