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Practicing And Playing Guitar While Looking For Perfection

Practicing and playing guitar are not the same things. Both are important. To play a song is fun and probably your ultimate goal, but practicing chords and timing will help you play better.

Guitar Practice Guide

In order to be able to have lots of tools to use, and fun with playing an instrument, we have to go through the practice mode. If you like to learn, you like the guitar, and you like music, then I don’t see why practice shouldn’t be fun.

Drum Kit Rudiments

All drummers should practice drum rudiments, whether they are a beginner or an advanced player. Rudiments are the ‘building blocks’ of drumming and help with drum grooves and drum fills and everything in between.

Finding the Best Fiddle Teachers in Your Area

There are many ways to learn violin, but taking private lessons from an experienced instructor will push you to see fast advancements in your skill level. Discover just how to find the finest violin instructor to suit your needs.

How To Play Piano – Learn to Play Music With Lessons For Beginners – 2

I guess every body at some time in their life thinks about how cool it would be to play the piano. Well it is cool and you can, this article is the second of seven, they will help and give you to a firm grounding to go on and teach yourself how to play.

How To Play Piano Basics – Without Months Of Lessons

The process of learning to play piano basics can be broken down into very distinct steps that you can learn quickly, without months of piano lessons. Naturally, it will take some practice, but even with just a few minutes each day, focusing on the following fundamentals, you can begin playing familiar songs on the piano in a very short time.

What In The MIDI Is This?

I bought a Korg Triton and was sequencing on the internal sequencer. I could not for the life of me get the timing perfect nor the tracks in sync. Even with the internal metronome, the human ear is just not as perfect as a computer and it drove me up a wall trying to sequence these songs I was writing.

Take Advantage Of Singing Lessons Online

You should take advantage of singing lessons online. These will give you proper instruction without having to shell out a lot of money.

Online Guitar Lessons – Common Questions Part Two

How do I come up with my own leads? It all starts with your formal training and learning the basics of scales and how to apply them. This should be a part of any guitar lesson curriculum. With my online guitar classes, I emphasize this early and often. The best place to start is with the simple minor pentatonic scale.

Enrolling in Ableton Courses

Ableton AG is a Berlin based German company that began in 1999. It was started to create music software. Ableton courses are courses that are offered by online schools that may or may not be accredited.

Beginning Musician – How to Sing and Play Along On Your Guitar

OK… you are a beginning musician. You love to sing along with the radio. Recently you got a guitar, and learned to play a few chords. Now you would like to sing along while you play.

Enrolling in Ableton Production Courses

If you are interested in digital audio music production then you will be interested in Ableton production courses that are offered by many online schools. Anyone who is looking to work in the music business or is interested in the production of digital audio music will be interested in attending some online courses that teach how to use the Ableton production courses.

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