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How to Write a Catchy Song

Learn how to write a song that will captivate the attention of the listener and gain you new fans! Writing a song can be difficult. Here are some pointers on how to touch the audience with your music. Learn these techniques that are used by professional musicians and song writers.

Revealed – The Best Way To Practise Guitar

Everyone’s had those days. You sit down, you pick up your guitar, you start to play but you just can’t hit that sweet point. Everything you play sounds forced or disjointed. If this ever happens to you, I’d like to show you two easy ways to break through this barrier.

Changing Your Piano Speed

Tempo is the speed of any piece of music. Just like driving a car and seeing the 45 M.P.H. speed sign, it is the same for Tempo words in music.

African Drumming Techniques – Tone, Slap and Bass

African drumming techniques sometimes vary but I was once told by a Djembe Master (Mamady Keita) that there are over 36 different sounds that you can get from the djembe and one night when I heard Mamady playing a 25-minute djembe solo, I must have heard him make almost all of them. He was able to make the djembe ‘talk’ and ‘sing’ in a melodic way that truly inspired me and the rest of the appreciative audience. This article tells you how to make the basic notes.

5 FAQs of Learning the Violin

When people think about learning the violin, a few questions always seem to pop up. Some of the answers must be known for you to see any success. Learn the answers to five of the most common questions about learning the violin.

Piano Lessons for Beginners – Introduction to Piano Keys

You must have wondered at some point that what the piano keys are called. Every white and black key has its unique name. You might be thinking that you do not need to be familiar with what they are called since you are just a beginner, but there is an easy method to memorize every white key name on your piano keyboard.

Singing Tips – Finding Your True Voice

‘Finding your true voice’ simply means learning to be authentic when singing. We don’t have to be ‘good’, simply ourselves, then honestly express our emotions in tune with our instinct. These singing tips will hopefully help you connect your voice with your feelings to help you express what you truly want to say.

Title: Singing Tips – 6 Basic Steps Of Learning to Sing

Singing is a basic pleasure everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy but, unfortunately, a lot of people often have a dreadful experience when singing (usually as a child) and then resign their hopes and dreams to the ‘untalented’ box, which is a terrible waste and, what is more, untrue. We’re all musical, and learning to sing is a process: first of all understanding the vocal ‘instrument’, then suspending belief and learning to let go, trusting the body do the singing for you. How do you know when you’re doing it right?

Learn Acoustic Guitar – The Frets, Tuning and Scales

Memorizing the frets, the tuning and the scales is an integral part of the whole “learn acoustic guitar” process. I don’t know any good acoustic guitar players who jumped to playing the songs without knowing these three basic things first.

Your Ultimate Guide on How to Play Acoustic Guitar

Going through the process of learning how to play acoustic guitar may not be as easy as many people think. You don’t just buy a guitar and strum it. There are basic things to learn and it could be as painstakingly lengthy. For some people it may not take more than a few days, but not all people are like some.

Top 3 Good Acoustic Guitar Songs for Beginners

There are many good acoustic guitar songs that could be enjoyed by guitar amateurs in the first sessions of their learning. Most of them may be old songs, but they’re pretty timeless so there’s a good chance everyone has of heard them, including you.

Before Learning How to Tune an Acoustic Guitar

If you’re an amateur in music, and you don’t know which notes sound this and that, you may find it hard to know how to tune an acoustic at first. Tuning is one of the most important aspects when playing acoustic guitars.

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