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Online Guitar Lessons – Transform That Cheap Guitar Into Something Special

A lot of people wonder what the difference is between a really good high quality guitar, and a cheap one that you can buy for a fraction of the cost. There are a number of things that contribute to a good quality guitar, but surprisingly they are things you can duplicate if you happen to have a cheaper one.

How to Learn Music Theory for Beginners

Beginners are not familiar with the term music theory when it comes to playing a musical instrument. These helpful tips give a better understanding on how to learn music theory will help anyone wanting to sing or play.

The Availability of Dirty South Beats Online

The dirty south beats are quite popular among the music fans. You can borrow such beats from the online sources and buy them for complete authority and royalty of yours.

The Beginners Guide to Bass Clef For Piano and Keyboard

Piano is read with two clefs one being the treble clef which mainly focuses on notes above middle C with a few exceptions, and the other being Bass clef which is your lower section of the piano and keyboard and focuses on the notes which are below middle C. This is a general rule with a few exceptions. Sometimes music may cross the clef barrier and be written with notes still displayed in the Bass clef that are played of a higher section just slightly above middle C.

The Beginners Guide To Treble Clef For Piano and Keyboard

On the Piano you have two music Clefs, one being the Treble Clef and one being the Bass Clef. The reason for two clefs is because there are quite a few keys on a piano, which repeat You need to be able to almost split the piano down the middle. So, as a general rule, notes below MIDDLE C are usually read in the Bass Clef and are the lower tones on the piano, and notes above MIDDLE C are usually read in the Treble Clef, and are heard as the higher tones on the piano.

Simple Guide For Beginners – Sharps, Flats And Basic Key Signatures On Piano and Keyboard Explained

If all we had to worry about as pianists were the white keys life would be a beach! But to play great sounding tunes sooner or later you are going to need to start playing on the black keys too. You have FIVE BLACK notes on the piano, which repeat, just like the white notes do.

Breathing Techniques For Singing – Developing Good Breath Support

Did you know that by training your breathing muscles, you could actually improve your singing voice? It’s true and in this article, I’ll show you 3 easy breathing techniques for singing that you can do to make your singing voice sound better.

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Reed

The reed is a crucial bit of equipment for a clarinet player and finding it can be a struggle. This article talks about a method of breaking in reeds which can increase their quality and the time they last.

Different Ways to Improve Quality When Producing Music

Though many music producers may have all the necessary drum kits, software & hardware, many producers still lack the ability to “tweak” the sounds to match perfection or at least close to what you may hear on the radio before the completed track is mastered. There are many different strategies you can perform to make your track “stand out” when played.

How to Play Bass Guitar With DVDs

Observe different bands playing and you will certainly find out that the bass player is usually the coolest in the group. He may not be as flashy as the band’s front man or the lead guitarist and he may even be found at the more conspicuous part of the stage.

How Do You Sing? Are You Born To Sing?

Are you born to sing? Do you have the ability to learn to sing? Find out the answers to these interesting questions today…

How To Read Music – Understanding Note Values

Note values can sometimes be confusing, but as they become understood, it is soon realized that they are very similar to fractions in mathematics that will have been learned at school. First of all, start with the crotchet. (Also known as a quarter note).

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