? Matthew Lee’s Beer Thirty – Intro – Full Song Performance

Easy Guitar Lessons for Novices

Indeed! It’s feasible. You are able to get easy guitar lessons devoid of actually investing a dime. Following you will discover 4 simple instructions to help you in mastering the way to have fun playing the guitar.

Tips and Tricks for a Rap Beat

In this article I share a variety of tips and tricks that I have learned in my years of producing music. I discuss snare and kick drum layering and side chaining your bass drum with your bass sound.

Practice Smart – How To Steer Clear Of Practice Pitfalls

Most musicians are busy people. Smart and creative, they tend to have numerous projects going at one time. To a musician, time is a valuable commodity and can’t be wasted. Unfortunately, when following a practice routine a person can fall into a trap, or pitfall, that takes time and yields very little, if any results. This article will delve into the concept of practicing technique, and offer some tips to avoid falling into some of the pitfalls that rob them of valuable time.

Singing Lessons – Learning To Like Your Own Voice

Learning to love your own voice will go a long way to improve the quality of your singing. Using the technique of a “smiling” diaphragm, one can harness the power of their voice completely. Learn more about this singing technique to learn to like your own voice.

Let’s Learn How To Play The Guitar

So you want to learn how to play the guitar. It will be an exciting adventure that will bring you a great feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction of your success. First you have to decide on the style you are going to choose to follow Blues, Rock, Heavy Metal, Classical ECT.

How To Play Piano Without Sheet Music

Looking for some advice on how to memorize music? Playing without sheet music is possible. Here are my own challenges and triumphs.

How to Learn to Play Keyboard Without a Teacher

Want to learn how to play a keyboard without a teacher? Just to clarify we are talking about a musical keyboard here, not one for a computer. It is completely possible for just about anyone, at any age, to learn to play a piano keyboard. That is what you will learn here.

Strumming Patterns – Find Out Why You Need Them to Learn Acoustic Guitar

Discover the one thing that gets overlooked way too often by beginner guitarists. Focusing on Strumming Patterns will accelerate your learning!

Figuring Out Your Audio Compressor and What It Does

Compression needs to be understood well and is important for any audio engineer. By having a basic understanding of the audio compressor you will be able to work faster and get a better sound from your compressor. Everybody has an opinion on compression but any method you use has to stem from your knowledge of how it works.

5 Simple Tips On How To Play The Harmonica

Old man Joe’s Harmonica Blues blew you off at the Somewhere There joint, during a drinking spree with your buddies, so you want to get a head start and learn how to play the harmonica, before your friends get the idea of learning too. Well, here’s a short and simple article to get you started and stay interested with your new hobby.

Playing The Guitar: Right Hand Action

The trick is to be able to play rhythmically with accents in the right place. I realized this from when I wanted to learn blues guitar and I found that I knew the chords, but I wasn’t getting any kind of sound or feel that I was hearing on the recordings. “Well, I am playing the chords, why don’t I sound at all like them?”

Getting to Know Classical Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Others who tried to learn playing the guitar claimed that it is a very hard task to do. But if you will get discouraged of what they have to say, it would be the end of your dreams to be a good guitarist someday like your favorite classical band lead singer. Nothing is really hard for a person who is willing to exert all efforts and dedication to learn something. This is the only thing you need to remember.

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