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Rap Music Songwriting

Rap music songwriting is not a skill that is easily acquired. It takes many years to perfect the skill of songwriting because there are many steps that must be taken when writing a rap song. When starting rap music songwriting, try to organize your ideas in an outline that will be followed for the rap song.

Bring Out the Best in Yourself by Enrolling in a Music School

Enrolling in a music school can help you, as a musician, to polish your skills and learn new techniques. Being surrounded by fellow musicians will also give you the head start you deserve.

Learning From a Master: Why Bass Training in a Music School Is Better Than Self-Education

Having a mentor help you with bass training can be far more effective than studying by yourself. You can learn more from his experiences and insight, molding you into a better musician than most.

Bass Guitar Training Ensures Mastery of the Instrument

It is a common notion that the only major differences between a bass guitar from a regular guitar is its number of strings and its deep pitch. Proper bass guitar training from a music school, however, would reveal otherwise.

Rap Songwriter Online

You may want to find a rap songwriter online if you are a rap artist that has the talent for rapping but not the time for putting a rap song together. There are many songwriters that can be found online though, you will want to take some things into consideration when you are looking for a rap songwriter online. Many people say that they can write a rap song although, they do not truly understand what it takes in order to write one.

Mastering Drum Basics

Take pride in owning your drum kit by giving it your loving tender care. This will sustain the life of your drum kit longer for your many hours of enjoyable drumming. Bear in mind that your drums are a major investment. Master drum basics by learning from sexy lady coaches with animated e-books!

Finger Tapping On Guitar – Best Lead Guitar Tips!

Are you familiar with finger tapping on guitar? Want to learn how to improve your lead guitar playing? Below, I’ll share some great playing tips with you! Grab your guitar too for some fun exercises too.

Switching From Electric to Upright Bass

This article will help you to understand some important factors when choosing an upright bass, as well as give you some idea of what is involved in taking care of and playing your bass. Topics that are discussed are: selecting a bass, taking care of your bass and playing.

You Should Start On An Acoustic Guitar, Then It Will Be Easier To Play The Electric

Many a time people research around what they want to learn in order to get a gist of what all is about. In the course of their research they come to adhere to myths which have been handed down from ages. One of such in the guitar lesson arena is “You should start on an acoustic guitar, then it will be easier to play the electric.”

Begin To Learn to Play Bass Guitar

Some people love to learn to play bass. If you are one of them, then being able to practice consistently is extremely important.

How to Practice Guitar

It seems like a pretty obvious topic that would be covered by common sense, but actually, that isn’t the case. Learning how to practice guitar is as important as learning how to hold it or learning how to strum – without the ability to efficiently and effectively practice techniques and riffs, there’s no way you’ll be able to improve.

5 Really Good Vocal Warm Ups – Free Online Singing Lessons

You should ALWAYS warm up your voice before singing. Find out the 5 best vocal warm ups to start off your singing lessons.

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