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How To Choose A Guitar Amp

Do you know which guitar amp you want to buy? Many people start out wanting the biggest, loudest, most powerful amp they can afford but soon realise the sound of the amp isn’t the sound they imagined. Read on to find out how to choose your guitar amp.

Choosing Harmonicas – Beginner Tips

Harmonicas are highly underrated musical instruments. Also called harps by blues players, diatonic and chromatic harmonicas are most common. Choosing the right one for your needs will make a big difference in how easily you learn to play and how much you enjoy it.

Beginner Trombone Mouthpiece Advice

Mouthpieces are a critical part of brass playing. However, mouthpieces can be hard to understand for beginners and parents of beginners. In this article, I’ll help guide you through the mouthpiece selection process for beginner and intermediate players.

How to Buy Good Quality Beginners Drums

How to buy the best beginners drums. How to tell a good beginners drums set from low quality sets. How to spot quality hardware in a beginners drums set. How to know the difference between quality cymbals in beginners drums sets.

Guitar Lesson for Beginners, Using Inflections to Create a Unique Sound

Here’s a quick guitar lesson for beginners. If you’re attempting to learn lead guitar it is an absolute necessity to teach yourself how to make use of inflections. Inflections are small nuances that give life to your guitar solos. These inflections include hammer-ons, pull-offs, tapping, bends, slides, vibrato etc… If you play guitar without the use of inflections the guitar part will sound unfeeling and stale.

Great Tips for Starting to Play Guitar the Easy Way

Starting to play guitar is a very fun and exciting experience. The guitar is a great hobby that a lot of people take seriously, so seriously that they end up performing in places like stadiums or Woodstock. Yes, starting might be a little bit difficult, but following the right way can make this experience very rewarding.

What Are Ornaments in Music?

Ornaments are notes that decorate a tune like adding Christmas ornaments to a fir tree. In the past, music performers often made them up but later from the 17th century on, music composers started indicating ornaments as music symbols.

Electronic Music – The Tools of the Trade

Since the dawn of electronic music some time in the late nineteenth or early twentieth century, musicians and inventors have been coming up with creative new ways to manipulate sound and make music. These days, there is an astounding array of hardware and software available to any artist. The tools a musician chooses to produce their music are as unique as their style.

10 Guitar Tips

You must understand what you play on your guitar if you truly want to always progress no matter what level are you at, because there is always something to learn. “No action is wiser than a thought. No thought is wiser than the understanding”.

Pro Tools Tutorial – Timeline Selections

In this Pro Tools Tutorial article, you’ll learn some of the techniques you can use to make Timeline Selections. You’ll also learn about the Link Timeline and Edit Selections feature. Let’s go!

How To Learn Guitar The Easy Way

Not all are gifted with the art of music. Some may sing it or dance to it, but only a few can actually play a specific musical instrument such as a guitar. This will take all your patience and precious valuable time to create a piece of melody and try to make it perfect. This is a difficult position most beginners have when learning to play some kind of instrument.

Guitar for Your Child – How to Choose It?

So, you want to buy guitar for your child? One of the first questions you will hear in a music shop will be: classical, acoustic or electric? For beginners the best choice lies between classical and acoustic guitars. Experienced salesman should help you with your choice by asking few questions, but what if he won’t ask them? Well, then you have to tell him about a few things…

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