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How to Write Great Songs

As a private music instructor I get the same question from all of my students: How do I write a song? That questions is as broad in scope as “How do I build a skyscraper?” or “How do I climb Mt. Everest?” and as such the answer is more of a call-to-action than a simple solution. First and foremost, you must forget the idea that you are going to sit down and (in a single take) write an amazing song. The reality is that even the best songwriters end up trashing 99 songs before they hit on a real gem. Just like writing, revision and re-drafting is key.

Play And Learn Guitar With Your First Band

We play and learn guitar for a handful of primary reasons. One reason could almost be considered to be biological – we want to be attractive to the opposite sex. Not all of us are gifted with athletic prowess or physical beauty that the general population values. So we look for ways to make up for those “deficiencies”.

How To Go Online – Learn Guitar At Your Own Tempo

A majority of musicians around the world have a very good sparkle plus romance when it comes to the guitar. Any musical live performance is incomplete without a guitar in it. Any guitar possesses a substantial desire among all artists. It has been preferred by musicians constantly. Learning how to play guitar is surely a skill. If you want to teach yourself guitar You need to acquire some top quality instruction. There are many professional guitarists who extended the skill of enjoying guitar by way of teaching people.

The Best Way To Learn The Guitar

“If you’re looking for the most up to date information on The Best Way To Learn The Guitar then, pull up a chair and buckle down, because this is the article that you’ve been looking for.” With the guitar being one of the most beautiful instruments to learn, this sought after and in demand instrument has never lost it’s appeal to any would be Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton. There are several ways which can enhance your learning experience and get you on the road quicker and reducing the time spent studying your performance.

Learn the Acoustic Guitar for Beginners That Passed Their 40s

Did you ever asked yourself the question: Am I still able to learn the acoustic guitar? This question usually arises among people who passed a certain age and always dreamed of learning the acoustic guitar, but simply never had the time to live this dream. At some point of your life, you will start to evaluate what you did in your life, what you are doing at the moment and if this is what you expected of your life.

The Simple 3 Steps to Learn The Basic Open Chords On Your Guitar

Why are they always writing the guitar learning books so complicated? No wonder so many beginners just scratch their head and start playing football instead. Learning guitar chords, for example. They turn it into rocket science when they should strive to make it understandable.

Online Guitar Lessons, the Wave of the Future

With new technology comes the ability to learn anything online. One can even learn to play the guitar online. Online lessons for guitar are available now and can teach anyone to learn to play the guitar basics.

Tips For New Cabaret Singers

The Ever Important – Material! Material! Material! By material I mean the specially selected songs and content that will maintain the pace of your show and please your audience. These days it doesn’t really matter if you use pre-recorded orchestrations (as in Karaoke) to format the program…

Basics of Playing a Guitar

Daunting as it may seem to the beginner, learning to play the guitar is nowhere near as difficult as it may seem at first glance. As with most other things all it requires is a bit of practice, and access to a guitar of course.

Playing Bass Guitar

It would be useful to know the basic parts of playing the bass guitar and the role each plays in the scheme of things. See more of the main sections of the bass guitar.

Online Guitar Lessons Revealed – What Are the Criteria?

Private guitar lessons can work out really expensive. Fortunately, with the progress in technological innovations, personal tuition is no longer the only option to learn a musical instrument. There are currently a number of guitar lessons online that are just as good, if not better than private Lessons.

Developing a Classical Piano Repertoire and Building a Music Library

This article explores the “Five Golden Rules” for developing a substantial classical piano repertoire. Among the rules are: practice, periods of micro- and macro-cycling, considering works to never be finished, and building a personal music library of books and single sheets. In addition, it is explained why the popular practice of relying too heavily on free PDFs may be detrimental for aspiring pianists wishing to achieve a broad and rewarding repertoire for life.

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