? Mike Welch’s Deep Blues – Intro – Guitar Lessons

What to Expect From Your First Jazz Guitar Lesson

Do you already play the electric or acoustic guitar? Have you always wanted to learn how to play Jazz guitar? If so, you’re in for a real journey.

The Amazing Health Benefits When You Learn To Play Didgeridoo

Instruments like didgeridoo can provide amazing benefits to improve your health. In addition, playing such instrument can also help you improve your personal skills.

How To Make Killer Guitar Solo Licks While Improvising With Little Effort

To be a great guitar improviser, you’ll need to play ideas that: – Integrate smoothly with other musical ideas in your solo – Express everything you want them to express. Many guitarists can’t improvise well because they only try to play fast rather than play with excellent musical phrasing…

Beginner’s Introduction to the Modes for Guitarists

In this lesson you will learn a simple and easy way to play the modes of a major scale, on a guitar using just one scale. All you need to know is how to play a major scale.

Music Education Can Save Lives!

Music education can save lives. For a child to believe that they’re inadequate, not worthy, not smart or will never succeed just because their school grades are low, is a huge mistake!!

Learning to Play the Piano Online – Getting Started

Till a few decades ago, if you wanted to learn how to play the piano online, there was no option but to enroll for music class. Today, thanks to the internet, you can sit in the comfort of your home and learn to play the piano online. But again, you get stuck sifting through a dozen piano lessons available online. While some charge exorbitant fees, others are not designed for beginners; they take for advantage that one knows the basics leaving you stumbling to find your way. If you are looking for good piano lessons online, we’ve rounded up a few tips to get started.

Zebra Pocket Guitar: Portable Guitar Practice Tool

To sum up, the Zebra Pocket Guitar is a 6 frets portable guitar practice tool, which is excellent for those who is fond of playing guitar. It will help you improve the playing skills, which allows you to practice chords and scales and finger quickness. Depending on the ergonomic design and meticulously craftsmanship, it will offer you outstanding user experience. Most importantly, it is portable with a convenient carrying size. I appreciate it very much for it is pretty good that I can take it with me anywhere. If you like it as me, you could have a try!

5 Reasons Why You Must Play Your Acoustic Guitar In Open Tunings, And How Easy It Is!

Open tunings are a great way to become more creative with your guitar playing and to widen the scope of the sound available to you on the instrument. Unfortunately, many guitar players avoid anything other than standard tuning believing it’s too hard and like having to start from scratch. This is simply not true. Read this article to discover 5 ways to get up and playing, and sounding great, using open tunings on your guitar.

Why You Should Consider Investing in Piano Lessons

Investing in piano lessons can be a great decision if you are looking to expand your musical capabilities along with enhancing your mental powers. Personal piano lessons are a great way to get started with your musical journey.

How Much Is Too Much Music Practice?

Is there a weekly limit to the amount of practice which is beneficial when having regular music lessons on piano or another instrument? Is it possible to play too much?

5 Essential Principles for Learning Guitar

The guitar is a great musical instrument. It is relatively inexpensive, fairly portable and it is easy enough for you to learn the basics. As a matter of fact, it is totally up to you to take your playing as far as you want. There are lots of people all over the world who learn to play the guitar every day, regardless of their age.

Five Approaches For Making Guitar Arpeggios Sound Incredible (Even If You Can’t Play Fast Yet)

You can transform any guitar arpeggio from boring to awesome without playing it super fast. To do it, you just need to use creative exercises that make the pattern sound musically expressive.

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