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Beginner Guitar Lessons: Goal Setting

If you want to learn the guitar, one of the first things you should do is actually not playing the guitar. Sounds strange huh? You actually should first think about what your goals are when you take beginner guitar lessons. What is your main long term goal? Is it to be able to play your favorite songs? Is it to be able to instant play songs you hear on the radio? Do you want to be a skilled guitar player in a certain guitar style?

Classical Guitar Stringing Is Not That Hard

Most beginners think that they can’t change strings by themselves, especially when it comes to classical guitar. Although it may seem to be hard, classical guitar stringing is a simple art that anyone can master.

Learn Guitar Lesson – Guitar Practice Made Easy

Do you know the quickest and easiest way to accelerate your guitar playing? You will when you read and use this article.

The Most Important Singing Technique

This is the most important singing technique. It’s applicable to any genre of music.

Guitar Tuning for Beginners

Guitar tuning is fast becoming a lost art, what with the ready availability of electronic guitar tuners and their relative cheapness (you can get them for just a few dollars). More and more guitar students feel it is not necessary to learn, and indeed many instructors have stopped teaching, this tedious but nevertheless important aspect of guitar playing.

Play and Learn the Guitar

Once you mention the word “guitar” a lot of people associate it with another word – “rock star”. That is why many people are eagerly and passionately honing their skills as guitarists. They want to get a taste of the fame that comes along with writing and performing music for the sake of thousands of screaming fans.

Hand Injuries: The Hard Lessons of Guitar Playing

Playing the guitar is not only a way to express one’s musical skills and interest but it also lets you have fun. Learning to play the instrument can be quite rewarding and a lot of those people who learn to play well continued on to practicing and playing the music that they love. Emotionally and psychologically, it makes people happy and healthy. However, there are certain disadvantages and consequences in playing a musical instrument that requires two hands in order to be played. A lot of musicians and guitarist get physically injured because of their passion to play music.

Blues Chords on Guitar – Learn Where to Start for Free

Have you ever wanted to play guitar? Have you ever wanted to play blues guitar? Are you interested in learning blues chords on guitar or even some really cool blues riffs?

Learning Guitar Choices: Taylor Swift Or The Blues

It will take a long time to learn the groove and the sound of the Blues. There is a muting technique involved with the right hand.

Learn Playing Guitar in Your Own Home

Do you want to learn playing guitar at home? If you want to, then don’t worry because it’s not impossible. It will be quite a challenge and will require serious dedication from you to really learn and improve yourself in playing the instrument. You’ll also need a few resources and materials to aid you in teaching yourself how to play the guitar.

Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lessons: Training Your Ear

One important technique for beginning guitar players is the ability to train your ear. When you actively train your ear, you will be able to (over the course of time), play songs you hear instantly on your guitar. But before you are able to do this, you must take a couple of things into account.

I Always Wanted To Learn Guitar

After some research I found that over 50% of people quit playing guitar within a year of lessons. I was definitely no different. I really started to understand and have fun playing after I was introduced to tablature. It was a phenomenal difference.

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