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Remembering Steve Allen the Songwriter – Part One

Today marks the date, ten years ago, of the passing of a legendary entertainer, Stephen Valentine Patrick William Allen. If you were to look up the definition of “polymath” or “renaissance man” you should include at least a picture of Steve Allen. He should, without a doubt, hold his own in the modern era with such greats as Albert Schweitzer, Isaac Asimov, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

Want To Enjoy Music? Then Learn to Guitar

Have you ever thought of getting attention of your friends by sitting beside a camp fire and playing guitar? I hope every person in life thinks like that for once. You should know the fact that you can do it too. To Learn to guitar is not at all difficult if you apply the right techniques at right time. Playing guitar is a skill and you can learn it too quiet easily. You can master the techniques very easily and then help your friends as well to learn it. It’s no secret that you cannot learn to guitar easily. The only thing you have to do is to look out for the right lesson.

Ukulele Lessons – What You Can Expect

The ukulele craze has not reached Singapore as it has in the United States or Hawaii. However it is getting popular as there are a couple of music schools in Singapore which are actively promoting ukulele playing. In Singapore, the most popular music instrument is the guitar, so there are plenty of guitar teachers but less ukulele teachers. Some guitar teachers taught themselves how to play the ukulele, to meet the demands of ukulele lessons in Singapore. As such when you take ukulele lessons in Singapore, you can expect that your ukulele teacher can play both the guitar and the ukulele.

My Review of Jamorama’s Free Online Guitar Lessons

Learning the guitar can be an inspiring, fun experience. Making sense of the chaos of random information out there, though, can rob the whole adventure of any fun, making it an anxiety-inducing and ultimately discouraging pursuit. Following years of frustration and in an effort to find a system for my friends aspiring to play the guitar, I found Jamorama. Below are my thoughts on their free, 6-Day course.

8 Piano Myths and How to Debunk Them!

For those who are asking yourself, “Can I Play Piano?” At some point you may have come face to face with that big, ugly, scary monster in your closet! Okay, Dale what are you talking about? Theses monsters are myths that we’ve heard over and over the years that are designed to frighten you and keep you from facing the truth. In your case, learning the piano! Here’s a few examples packed with the truth, so you can face and slay those monsters!

How to Read Piano Music and Learn a Musical Composition

This article tells you how to read piano music and begin the process of learning how to play sheet music. You will also learn the basics of sheet music composition.

Teach Yourself Piano and Start Playing Beautiful Music

This article explains the basics of what you should understand to teach yourself piano and eventually be able to start playing beautiful music. You will also learn the basics of how beautiful music is created.

Play Easy Songs On Guitar

Are you learning how to play the guitar? What a beautiful and versatile instrument-with its portable nature and familiar sound, the guitar is one of the most loved instruments of all time. If you are just beginning, learning how to play basic chords and melodies, you may be wondering what the best plan of action would be to get you to the level you want to be at in your playing.

Lessons For Guitar

The guitar is one of the best instruments out there that almost anyone can learn to play. Learning to play the guitar can be a very fulfilling, stress-relieving hobby, and any player will tell you that they agree. If you are interested in finding some lessons for guitar, know that you are on your way to a fun and wonderful world of music.

Learn And Play Piano Chords

Here is a great guide to help you learn and play piano chords quickly. I will list the major and minor chords for you to learn. Learning all of these chords will help you to play the piano with ease, and will also help you to improvise your music when needed. I want to make this as simple and as easy to understand so that you can learn this quickly if you are a beginner pianist, but it will also serve as an easy guide for the more advanced pianist. This is a great source for those of you who play by ear. You can easily memorize these chords to improve your piano skills.

How Will You Discover To Play The Guitar?

Studying to play the electric guitar seriously isn’t that challenging but it involves a great deal of resources. Quite a few people learn to play tabs with the incorrect finger position and then have to start over again, inflicting months or years of ruined time.

Beginners Chords For Guitar

If you are like most people, you or someone you know have access to an old guitar that really hasn’t been played for years. It may be sitting in a closet or attic somewhere, or down in the basement of Uncle Jim’s house. But if you find yourself wondering how hard it might be to learn how to play the thing, stop wondering.

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