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Rap Instrumentals: Cornerstone Of Every Rap Song

Rap is a type of American music of African American origin in which words are recited rhythmically and at a fast pace to an instrumental background. Rap is a type of hip-hop, which is subculture made up of four elements – DJing, b-boying or breakdancing, graffiti writing and MCing or rapping. Rappers became the face of the hip hop culture in the 1980s.

Tips Every Piano Beginner Should Know

Always start with the basics When you are starting with the Piano it’s always wise that you start with the basics. While they might seem too easy for you, they play a vital role in helping you to face the most challenging levels of the training. Of major importance, you should know the different parts of the piano and their functions.

Six Guitar Teaching Questions That Get You More Guitar Students

Want to get a lot more guitar students? First thing first, stop mimicking the approaches of other guitar teachers in your town. A lot of these teachers have set themselves up for failure already when they seek out new students. They don’t ask the right questions, don’t take big enough steps to grow their teaching business and lack a high level of ambition. This leads to very limited results for them as they are never able to put together a large student base.

Key Elements of Learning How to Play Jazz

As a jazz music instructor, I constantly get asked by newcomers, what is the best way to learn how to play jazz? Is there a secret formula? The answer is no, but there is a structure anyone can follow to maximize their time spent learning. While some people can fair well under the ‘wing it’ ideology, not everyone can. That’s why I recommend my students prepare to invest a good deal of time in the learning process. The more patient and willing you are to learn the core elements of how to play jazz, the better player you will end up being.

A Brief Overview On How To Play Jazz Guitar Like a Pro

Taking up any new challenge can be daunting. Even if you have experience playing other instruments, when you begin to play jazz guitar your knowledge base may not cut it. The key to playing jazz guitar like the pros do, is building a solid foundation on which you can grow. Here are a few ways you can build that foundation and become a skilled player on this melodic instrument.

6 Benefits Of Learning How To Play The Piano

If you have always wanted to learn how to play the piano there is no other better time to do it than now. The cool thing is that you don’t have to attend a physical class as you can learn piano online. Due to this, you have no reason as to why you shouldn’t take the lessons. There are many benefits that come with learning how to play the piano. Some of these benefits include:

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Learning The Piano

Learning to play the piano comes with many benefits such as higher self-worth, an increase in self-esteem and many others. Studies show that many piano learners make plenty of mistakes when practicing. These mistakes include:

How To Create A Flourishing Guitar Teaching Business

To create a flourishing guitar teaching business, you’ve got to do the following: 1. Transform prospects into new students every month of the year. 2. Use the most effective guitar teaching models.

Five Elements Of Excellent Guitar Practice Schedules That Help Improve Your Guitar Skills

You transform into a killer guitarist quickly whenever you train with the best guitar schedules. The best guitar practice schedules are made of five elements that help your guitar playing: Guitar Practice Element #1: Skill Progression – Your guitar practice routines need to facilitate the development of your musical skills. These types of skills include the following:

How To Play Tight Rhythm Guitar Like A Badass

How does one go from not being good at rhythm guitar to becoming a master? Do you need to build a big vocabulary of riffs? How about jam with a tight band? Do you need to use a metronome more often? The answer to all of these is NO.

How Should I Manage My Practice Time on the Guitar? A Case Study

In this article I looked at a common question that new students ask. How should they manage their practice time. I have given four options and explained the reasoning behind them. Hope you enjoy this case study.

The Jazz Guitar Chords

Jazz guitar chords are much different from traditional acoustic or electric guitar chords. To some people, they even look like postal codes. Sound intimidating? It doesn’t have to be.

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