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How to Really Focus in Organ Playing

Lack of focus while playing the organ can lead to many mistakes. If you are distracted and constantly think of a variety of things during the performance, you may be feeling quite insecure. However, there is a simple trick which will force you to focus your mind while practicing or performing your organ music.

Dissecting Online Guitar Lessons

Online guitar lessons are the new trend in learning guitar. These lessons are perfect for people from all walks of life. Take these lessons from the comfort of your own home. I will dissect how Online guitar lessons are just as good as private lessons.

How to Play Organ Chorale Fantasy “Komm Heiliger Geist”, BWV 651 by Bach in 9 Steps

Would you like to learn to play organ chorale fantasy “Komm Heiliger Geist, BWV 651 by Bach? If so, you will need to know the exact steps which will help you master this fantastic composition. In this article, I will share with you my recommendations on how to learn to play this piece and be ready for public performance.

Learning Violin

Playing musical instruments is not easy and the violin is not an exception. In order to learn how to play a violin, a person should have a passion for it and a lot of patience. There are many people who wonder about how to learn violin since violin teachers are few and far between. After you learn the violin you get an incredible feeling of accomplishment. This should be reason enough to move heaven and earth to find where to learn to play.

Online Guitar Lesson And DVD Guitar Lessons Comparison

Online guitar lesson and DVD guitar lessons are taking business from private instructors. Many guitar instructors are beginning to make video courses, because that is where a lot of people wanting to learn guitar are throwing their money. I will discuss the differences in these two types of guitar lesson courses and how they help you learn the guitar.

Organ Practice: How to Follow Through in Learning a Challenging Piece

This article teaches the exact steps and procedures what to do in a situation when you get stuck in learning a difficult organ piece. Of course, you can switch to an easier piece but overcoming your challenges might be easier than you imagine.

How to Prepare for Organ Recitals

If you have a list of organ pieces that you love and would like to play them in the way that they will be good for public performance such as an organ recital, then your learning should be in a very deep manner. You see, it is a one thing to play them for your own enjoyment only. It is completely different thing to master these pieces and prepare for public recital.

Organ Playing: How to Prepare a Piece for Public Performance

If you have an organ composition that you love and would like to be ready for public performance such as a church service, an organ recital or just informal gathering of friends and family, you have to know how to practice it efficiently and effectively. If you’re interested to know my recommendations, please read on to find out.

Organ Playing: How to Prepare Pieces to Perform in Public From Memory

If you have an upcoming public performance such as a church service or an organ recital and would like to play your organ piece from memory, you have to understand the importance of proper preparation. In this article, I will share with you my recommendations how to best prepare to play your piece from memory in public.

Advice for Organists: How Long Does It Take to Really Master a Piece of Organ Music?

This question is a complicated one. There is no straight answer to this question because there are a number of variables to consider. If you’re interested to know my opinion, please read on to find out.

How to Learn Organ Pieces Faster

Are you frustrated at the enormous amount of time you have to put in while learning organ pieces? Or perhaps you want to learn your favorite works in a shorter period of time? In this article, I will show you some tips which will help you learn and master any organ piece faster.

Advice for Church Organists: How to Become Competent in Hymn Playing

If you are a church organist and your duties include regular playing of hymns on the organ, you have to develop good hymn playing skills. There is a systematic procedure you can follow if you want to become competent in hymn playing. If you want to find out my tips please read on.

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