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Why Is It Hard to Develop Picking Speed?

In the present article we’ll have a detailed look at why it is so hard to develop guitar speed, when it comes to picking. Well, it is easy to guess that picking speed is hard to develop, mainly because our hands aren’t naturally used to do the movements that picking requires. Not only that, but our fingers don’t really know how to hold the pick itself and how to react on the tension that’s caused when the pick hits a string.

Acoustic Guitar Reviews – The Way to Change Acoustic Guitar Strings

Guitars sound ideal when they’re properly looked after. Strings are susceptible to wear out much more than any other part of an acoustic guitar. It’s important for all guitarists to understand ways to swap acoustic guitar strings.

Online Guitar Lessons – Achieving Sustain and Pinch Harmonics

Achieving sustain on the guitar can be done and is accomplished a number of different ways. It starts with your instrument, its quality, and string choice. Since we are addressing pinch harmonics as well, there are a couple of things that are a part of achieving both, and something I teach all of my students during webcam guitar lessons.

Must Own Tools for Teaching Guitar

If you’re teaching guitar there are a number of tools you must own to be profitable and stay sane. The more things you can find to make your life easier the better. You’ll have more fun teaching guitar and have more time to focus on becoming a better guitar player and instructor when you use the right tools.

Learning Guitar Scales Fast

If you are looking to get good at playing guitar, you’re going to have to spend some time studying scales. There are many different types of scales and some have wider finger spreads and that causes problems for beginners. My advice for beginners is to start by learning the pentatonic scale. One of the easiest scales to learn is the pentatonic scale.

How to Play Guitar: The Beginner’s Primer

Hello, future guitarists. This is a beginner guitar primer – the first in our series of guitar lessons for the beginner.

Piano Courses Online Revealed

There are many, many piano courses online that you can scour the internet to find. There are just so many resources out there! If you spend some time looking for piano courses, you will be overwhelmed by the amount of ways in which one can learn. Go ahead and search for piano lessons online, and you’ll wonder how you can sort through all these resources, and find the one that is the best.

Voice Lesson – Finding Your Vocal Range And Breaking Out Of It

Finding your vocal range and learning how to improve it is a goal of many singers. Understanding the differences and working diligently to improve your singing muscle through proper instruction is the key to success.

Make Online Beats

One of the best kept secrets of successful musicians is that they make online beats with software freely available on the internet. These programs can be found with a simple online search and you can download two or three different programs to suit your needs. Even the most basic demos will feature dozens of free tracks and samples.

Getting a Start At Playing The Guitar

Getting a start a playing the guitar will require understanding your goals, getting your equipment, taking a course, dedication and practice. Understanding your goals will help lead to dedication and practice, and the choice of instruction format can also make or break your new guitar playing.

Learn The Guitar Online If You Are Over 40

Is it possible to learn the guitar online if I’m over 40? The answer is YES. Is it more difficult for me? Not necessarily. Here is how…

Acoustic Guitar Songs To Play: Best Sources

A lot of people associate acoustic guitar with being easier to play; they’d usually think the only tracks played on them are slowly strummed chords, which yes, is very popular. However this is not always the case. There are many different things you can do with an acoustic guitar.

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