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My First Shot at Beginner Piano Lessons

It is fun to learn something definitely new to you, just like having beginner piano lessons. Well, naturally, it begins when you have enrolled in a music school and have decided to take a piano course. You must prepare yourself for this worthwhile activity, as you begin to discover a whole new world of music.

Learning Popular Songs On The Guitar: Motivation for Commitment

Fun and popular songs are a strong motivation to learn the guitar. The guitar is a great instrument to learn the appreciation of music. Learning popular songs provides the diversity of tempo and dynamics to stimulate the player to continue with diligence and commitment.

Best Acoustic Guitar Songs for Beginners: 3 Chord Songs

What are the best acoustic guitar songs for beginners? Usually, it’s songs that have only 3 Chords. You would be surprised how many popular songs have this pattern.

4 Tips on How to Play Guitar for Beginners

I believe in today’s modern world, the number one obstacle to learn anything is ‘INFORMATION OVERLOAD’! Internet is a sword with 2 blades sort of speaking. For a beginner to learn how to play guitar, is really a nightmare on YouTube for example! You have no idea where to start or how to begin. Well, I’ll try in this article and the following to help you.

Learning Acoustic Guitar: Bravery and Heart

If you’re the kind of human being that enjoys music and has always seemed to have a knack for rhythm, and you’re not already playing the acoustic guitar, then you my friend are breaking one of the most basic rules of the universe: Nice people who have an ear for music MUST learn to masterfully strum the acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar is a versatile and wieldy tool among musicians of different species (ok genres) and learning how to play is usually not regretted.

Guitar Keys For Beginners – What You Need To Do And Know Before You Pick Up A Guitar

There are so many key things to learn when you are a beginner at the guitar. I can remember the first time I picked up a guitar. I was only ten or eleven at the time and my mom signed me up for lessons at the local music store. On Saturday mornings she would drop me off in front of the store and I would go downstairs to the basement to find a small room and a couple of folding chairs outside the closed door. When it was my turn, the door opened and the previous student walked out and I walked in. We gave a nod like we knew each other because sooner or later we would both be rock legends wailing on our shiny guitars. Then I would sit and learn the notes of each string, how to keep time and even a chord or two so I could play twinkle twinkle little star at the recital.

Learn How To Sing With Singing Tips, Tricks And Vocal Techniques

Having the ability to sing is a fantastic gift. Is this statement correct? Of course it’s not, being able to sing is not a gift, anyone can learn how to sing.

Know The Key Decisions Before Taking Up Guitar Lesson For Beginners

It is very important to follow certain basic procedures when one is eager to learn something new especially in musical instrument. One of the most common interests that grow in most of us during the days of school and college is to become a lead guitarist in some bands for creating an image of a rock-star among our close associates.

Things To Look For When Buying A New Electric Guitar

When guitarists are starting out they have no idea what is a good guitar. Most are clueless about what qualities to look for in a guitar. What ends up happening is they buy a guitar that is not set-up properly and therefore is difficult to play. After many years of playing and doing my own set-ups, I now understand what makes a good guitar. I want you to know this information so that you can make good decisions next time you are buying a new guitar.

What A Guitar Teacher Expects From A Student

You often read articles or forum posts about what makes a good guitar teacher or what qualities must he have but you never hear about the other side of the coin. What makes a good guitar student? After many years of teaching guitar to all age groups I have seen all kinds of students. Some are determent to achieve their goals, others just want to learn their favorite songs and then there are the slackers. I have compiled my list of qualities I look for in a student.

Benefits of Music Lessons

Music has been around for generations, and over time, people of various cultures and great musicians have changed the way it sounds. It continues to influence us in many aspects of our lives, for example; how we listen to it, how it influences our emotions, and the general purpose that it serves. Music is now more scientifically purposeful, useful, innovative and continues to develop many young minds.

Piano Lessons: Enriching Your Child’s Life

Piano is one of the most coveted instruments, for it is one of the most enjoyable, versatile, easy to listen to and relatively easy to learn. Its all a matter of overcoming the first few weeks of lessons, being able overcome that barrier of maintaining the discipline and mindset that “practice makes perfect.” Eventually one can progress to accompanying other instruments, perform in recitals/festivals and in front of examiners, as well as pick up any other instruments, because you already have the fundamental basics covered.

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