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Music – Benefits to Student

Music has number of benefits and every student is not aware of these benefits. This is the reason many students get fade up when it comes to learning notes and beats in class. There are however many parents also who think of music education as wastage of time.

Guitar Methods and Guitar Lessons

Playing the guitar can be achieved in many ways. If you desire to not have an instructor to guide you in the process, there are many guitar lessons you can find to help you to learn basics and techniques without the assistance of an instructor. Here is a set of guitar lessons that focus on guitar scales and guitar notes identification.

Simple Guitar Lessons For Newbies

One of the first simple guitar lessons for newbies I can think of is how to hold a guitar. If you are not aware of the correct technique, you could very easily start off holding the guitar incorrectly – I know I did.

Learning the Violin – How Does Your Teacher Rate?

If you have decided to take lessons on violin then picking the right tutor will go a long way to ensuring you don’t get discouraged and give up. There are numerous articles and information on choosing the right kind of lessons but very few that look at the tutor behind the lessons. I hope to shed some light on that very topic here in this short article.

Are You Looking for How to Make a Beat on the Computer?

Are you looking for how to make a beat on the computer? I’ve got some hot tips…

Practicing Guitar Chords – A Mystery No More

Many people are intimidated by chords, because they do not know how to use and construct them. They learn some simple shapes of basic triads and do not know how to expand their knowledge of chords. I had troubles understanding chords myself some years ago, but after putting some time in learning the theory of chords, it really was not as difficult as I thought. I want to help the people who struggle with chords and decided to break it down for them in this article.

Making Backing Tracks – Things You Need To Make and Record Your Own Backing Tracks

Making your own backing tracks is one of the most important skills you can have as a musician. If you want to practice a specific technique or a scale, for example, you can make a backing track and instantly apply the things you practice to a musical context. I does require some skills that you need to learn but it is well worth it and you will become a better musician as a result. I have listed the most important things you need to have in order to make your own backing tracks.

Different Types Of Slides That Are Available On The Guitar

Sliding is very often under-practiced because of it’s simplicity. Many just learn the basic slides and then they think they have learned how to slide. There are many different types of slides that you can do on guitar. Thoroughly practice each of the ones that I am about to show you and dedicate enough time in order to master them.

How To Make Beats Fast – Choosing the Right Beat Making Software

Choosing one beat making software as opposed to the other can be a little difficult especially for the beginner. But some of the things you have to watch out for in choosing a pro beat maker are the learning curve, ease of use, available help, cost of the beat maker and quality of beat produced among other things.

Arpeggios – The Little Secret That Makes a Big Difference

Arpeggios are one of the coolest scale groups you can ever use to add verity to your guitar leads and melodies. This is an old trick that guitar players use to fill out songs they are playing to give them a fuller and richer sound. You have no doubt heard this being used and note even realized it.

Sidechain Compression Tutorial

Sidechain compression or “ducking” is easily one of the most important production techniques in modern electronic music. You can hear it on almost every popular record (especially in dance music). It gives that real pumping sound which you hear on every beat.

Taking Guitar Lessons Online

Taking guitar lessons online is definitely the very best way to learn to play guitar. Studying online provides you with so many more choices than typical guitar lessons and it’s also a great deal cheaper.

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