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Guitar Fretboard – Learn What All the Pros Know That Leave Us Thinking They Are Geniuses

Do you want to know how the really good guitar players always know right where to put their fingers when they are just learning a song or they are improvising? You will be shocked to know that one of their biggest secrets is the guitar fretboard. Maybe I should say they know the notes on the fretboard.

Learning To Sing Using Singing Software

The traditional methods to learn how to sing are to get singing lessons, join a choir or singing group, read training books on singing, and so forth. Certainly, these are all still fully appropriate ways to learn how to sing! But we’re fortunate to live in an age where the internet enables us to learn things more swiftly than was ever possible in the past.

How to Write Songs Even If You Are Not a Musician

For every musician, writing songs is an extension of the personality. Being a talented musician or singer and not writing your own songs is like being a painter who only paints pictures of other people’s artwork. Before you set out to learn how to write songs, you need to decide how to approach the task.

How To Tune The Guitar

Before you play your guitar there is a very important step that needs to be taken. Discussed here is how to tune the guitar.

How To Teach Yourself Guitar Through Guitar Tutorials DVDs

Music is something that is appreciated by people all over the world. There are people who are naturally gifted with the art of playing a musical instrument, singing or composing songs. However, some people may have to attend classes in order to master the art of playing a musical instrument. We live in the modern age with developed information technology, electronic systems and other media devices. Music technology has also developed over the years along these lines. Today, music has also been computerised to fit into the world of information technology. This has simplified the process of learning the art of playing guitar. If you wish to teach yourself guitar you can get the information you require in the form of guitar tutorials DVDs.

Four Steps to Advance Your Guitar Lessons

The seven perfect notes, which ranges from the key of A to the key of G. The six imperfect notes ranges from the key F sharp to the key of C sharp.

Writing Songs From Your Heart – An Easy Process To Do Just That

All musicians want to write songs that represent them and who they are. They want to sound original but many do not know how to do that. After years of experimenting with songwriting I found a process that helps me to write from the heart. Everything I write nowadays sounds much better than before because of this process. It is a very easy process and it will help you write songs which will sound like you.

Play and Learn Guitar – The Challenges of Guitar Playing

A lot of people want to play and learn guitar. However, it is not always a picnic. Most people are so eager to learn at the beginning but end up surrendering. Beginner guitarists do not advance to a higher level because they quit just after they’ve learned the basics. This is why guitar instructors, guitar lesson books, and online lessons usually require that a beginner must have an immense amount of patience if he really wants to learn the instrument well.

Online Guitar Lessons – The True Definition of Power Chords

There is a reason why learning the guitar has such mass appeal. There it is, burned into your brain, the image of your favorite artist standing on stage striking a pose, with a sleek electric guitar slung low, and screaming out a chatter of unworldly, yet perfectly synchronized riffs. It’s enough to make the small hairs on your arm stand at attention, and chills to run down your spine.

The Mixing Desk De-Mystified: How to Use It

Mixing Desks can be terrifying things to face for the first time. Not only do they have a lot of knobs, buttons, faders, inputs and outputs; but what might have been helpful labelling seems to have been written in a strange new language. If you are less than familiar with sound-engineer-speak and have a home recording project or a band to put out on stage, you need to know what this article tells you – and if you have a desk in front of you, or a technical specification for one, prepare to be de-mystified…

Vocal Ease – A World Full of Yes

Ask Patrick DeGennaro to sum up his technique in a sentence – perhaps not the kindest question to put to any hard-working voice teacher – and he says, “I approach the work muscularly.” Ask him to elaborate and he says much more, often invoking comparisons with dancers and athletes to underscore his stress on muscles and his concomitant emphasis on not stressing muscles.

PC Resources For Guitar That Are Free To Download

There are many free download guitar for PC resources available on the web. Many of these are provided as a bonus for merely signing up for a newsletter or an email course. These can be an excellent way to pick up some new guitar skills.

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