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What Is a Chord?

If you have just set out starting to play the guitar, and have just purchased up your very first ‘EASY TO PLAY – Guitar Chords’ guide, and now you think how misleading the headline was, don’t worry, you are not the only one, so many more people have been where you are, so it’s not just you. In music theory, a chord is simply a number of notes or pitches which are played simultaneously.

Guitar Exercises – Get the Edge Needed to Be an Awesome Guitar Player

Believe it or not when you start playing guitar you need to take a mind set of an athlete. I know that sounds sort of strange but it is true.

Guitars Lessons: How to Tune a Guitar

Many people learn how to tune the guitar not through guides or books but by experiencing the music and having direct contact with the instrument. By constantly listening to and intently observing the sound of each chord, you can gain a feel for tuning the instrument. This type of music instruction relies heavily on instinct is probably the most natural way to learn how to tune the guitar.

Beginner Lessons for Guitar – This Is Easier Than You Think

When expressing an interest in learning something new often the hardest part of that interest is the first few steps. The beginning of interest in something new is when you are most easily scared off. Beginner lessons for guitar are no different than anything else new.

Make Beats For Free

There are ways to make beats for free today and nothing is better than free. It is accessible to everyone and saves you tons of money. Create something for nothing…now thats what I’m talking about.

Notes on Guitar – Learn the Keys to Becoming a Musician

A lot of people spend a large amount of their time working on learning songs and how to play particular leads. This in of itself is not a bad thing. You do need to be able to play songs cleanly and with confidence. What is vastly overlooked is the effort that should be taken to learn all the notes on guitar.

How To Arrange and Assemble Rap Beats

You need to know a few things first before you get that hot rap beat. You will need a good computer, creativity, and an understanding of music. How do you go about it? Look below and find out!

Exclusive Beats

You probably think of the music industry or music components when you hear the term exclusive beats. The term is used a great deal with the growing popularity of hip hop, R&B, and rap. Learning to make new music and redefining music is what artists are discovering today. Making their music stand out and more unique from the competition is what makes exclusive beats.

Rap Beats For Sale

To create that perfect harmony, you will need rhythm. You can create your own rap beats and sell them on the internet if you have imagination and some creativity. It also takes a good ear for music.

Multi-Track Recording Software

To create a united piece of music that is harmonious, you’ll need a program that records sounds from different and multiple sources. An application that does this is the Multi-track recording software. It produces a playback by sequencing, recording and arranging by way of separating tracks on the same tape, at the same time, while recording various audio channels.

The Best Programs For Creating Beats On Your Computer

Ever thought about making your own songs and beats? Have you ever dreamed of hearing them on the radio? There is a possibility that it can happen, and for FREE! You can make beats on your computer, and the question your probably asking is: How and what software do I need? Follow these steps below and you’ll learn how to make your own beats.

Rhythm Guitar – Learn Where Some of the Most Complicated Guitar Work Is Found

By far one of the most under appreciated styles or methods of guitar playing has to be rhythm guitar. It is a rare player that doesn’t want to sit out front and rip a screaming lead for about 2 hours straight. Almost no one wants to sit in the back and do what amounts to the most important part of every song and that is actually perform the song.

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