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A Musician’s Guide for Practicing Efficiently

Learn more while spending less time in the practice room by utilizing many of the same techniques used by the best musicians in the world. These simple tips will skyrocket your performance capabilities and ensure you get the most out of every minute you spend on your instrument. Information gathered psychologists reveals that it’s not how long you practice, but how you practice that gets you results.

Musical Notes for Guitarists Explained

This article explains how musical notes work. The article is aimed at guitarist but the theory is the same for any instrument. If you have an interest in learning about music theory but are not sure about music notes in particular sharp or flat notes this is definitely worth a read.

Rhythm: How Grock Started Groovin’

Rhythm, rhythm rhythm! What the heck is rhythm besides a weirdly spelled word? Like we talked about in early messages, rhythm can be considered the foundation of a song. The rhythm sets up a strong base for us to build the harmony and melody upon. But is it more than just the drums and bass? Let’s explore…

Improving Fretboard Knowledge

There are many ways to practice learning the guitar fretboard. The most important aspect of this is to put in the time, as well as learning a proper method.

Learn How To Play Guitar Alone

If you’re thinking about learning to play the guitar, that’s a great choice! You’ll be joining a huge community of people around the world who are passionate about this fun and versatile instrument. But if you don’t know much about it, it can be hard to know where to begin. Here are a few things to think about before you start playing guitar.

Natural Minor Scales

The Natural Minor Scale when compared to the major scale has some of the notes flattened and this is what gives music written in a minor key the distinctive sadder sound. The pattern for this minor scale is 2 1 22 1 2 2 where the numbers relate to the number of semitones to the next note.

Know Your Guitar Well With Guitar History Facts

The guitar is arguably one of the best instruments to play. This is because besides the guitar being quite intriguing and fun to play, acquiring guitar playing skills is easier than acquiring skills of any other instrument thereof. Most guitarists are very fond of knowing guitar history facts for purposes of understanding the evolution of guitars quite well.

Playing the Drums – Practical Practicing!

In this article I will share some valuable tips for practicing the drums, some that may not be obvious at first. Although the tips may not be the typical sort you might expect to find, they are valuable and, when put into practice, will set you apart from other drumming students.

5 Tips to Help You Improvise With Guitar Scales

Here are five tips to help you move from just playing guitar scales to use them for improvisation. This article will cover; choosing a backing track, using arpeggios, how to seek inspiration from other guitar solos and how to stay motivated.

Benefits of In-Home Lessons

Ever since I was a little girl, I remember learning how to play the piano at home. I was eight years of age when my parents invited my first instructor to go over a lesson with me. I loved it!

The Voice

Think of your voice as an acoustic instrument. Just like any instrument, even though it is able to produce sound, your voice requires proper care and tuning so that it sounds its best! There are a few different factors that play an important role in the proper way of singing.

Myth Buster – Do I Have To Take Piano First?

I am sure many of you heard the following when you were younger and wanted to learn a musical instrument: “You have to take piano lessons first, before you can learn the instrument you want to play” In my over 30 years of teaching experience, I have heard this belief numerous times. I have often seen the unfortunate results of following this idea.

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