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Learn Blues Piano: The Pentatonic Scale

A pentatonic scale consists of just five notes (the clue is in the word ‘pentatonic’). This is very different to the more general major and minor piano scales, which have seven. So what is the pentatonic scale for piano and how is it used?

The Best Way to Learn Guitar – 3 Tips to Take Your Guitar Playing to the Next Level

Everyone seems to have their own best way to learn guitar, but when you are first starting out it can be a little frustrating not knowing what to practice or how to make progress. So below I will outline 3 tips that will help take your guitar playing to the next level.

How to Encourage Your Child to Practice the Piano

Coaxing a child into practicing the piano can be a challenge at times. Unfortunately, for some families practice times can be a battle that can result in frustrations for both parent and child…

Why My Singing Lessons Are Getting Results

A fresh approach to vocal tuition is getting great results fast. Using a combination of tried and tested methods geared toward the individual I can help anyone to sing with confidence. As a professional singer myself for 20 years I have personally tried and tested lots of methods and combined all the best knowledge into a very effective course.

Dropping a Beat Like A Pro

This article covers some basic concerns of learning how to make a good beat for your music. A beat is underlying in all music we listen to so it is essential to make a kicking beat to really impact your listeners.

3 Initial Steps To A Good Jazz Practice Routine

There are countless resources available for learning jazz. With so many options it can feel overwhelming. This article will help you get started learning jazz successfully.

The Best Way to Learn Guitar Chords: Easy Tricks to Make You Sound Like the Pros

Perhaps you’ve tried learning a few guitar chords in the past, but it has been unsuccessful. Learning guitar chords really is not all that difficult; I mean every guitarist has had to go through the process, so it can be done. There are a few basic steps that need to be followed and repeated in order to efficiently learn guitar chords, these are working on the most basic ones first, finding some cowboy chords and adding strumming patterns.

Fire Your Guitar Teacher: The Best Way To Learn Guitar Without Taking Private Lessons

Don’t spend thousands of Dollars on private lessons! Let me show you the best way to learn the guitar without a teacher!

Your First Month of Guitar Practice

Helpful tips to get you motivated to continue practicing the guitar after the rough first month. Tips include where to draw inspiration and how to cut out distractions.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Harp

If you are considering playing or purchasing a harp, you may feel overwhelmed by the different types and choices available. This article will provide a basic explanation of the different models and give you some points to consider before making a purchase or deciding on an instrument.

The Importance Of Scales – Improving Your Guitar Playing

If you are wishing to improve your guitar playing then the study and practising of scales should be a core component of your learning program. Scales are important because they are not only a fundamental part of music but they generate and improve finger dexterity and strength.

Student Band Instruments: Rent or Buy?

When children want to join their school’s band, parents have to make a decision whether they should buy or rent an instrument. Some important tips can simplify this often uneasy task.

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