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Make Your Own Dubstep – Finding Your Own Voice

To clear up any confusion about the contents and purpose of this article right from the outset, I want to declare that I am not writing this with the intention of encouraging people to start making dubstep or any other form of EDM. Recently I have been feeling quite dismayed at the lack of originality and range of production techniques being used in 2013’s big dubstep songs. It sounds like a lot of recent trending sound design techniques are being mashed together across all EDM styles and the result is a fairly bland and predictable sound, that seems to be leaking out every corner I turn. So this article is an ode to innovation, finding your own voice and freeing yourself from imitation. I am writing this for others who produce music to give my two cents and some food for thought.

Why Online Guitar Lessons Are Better Than Private Lessons

Music lessons can be very expensive, especially when you live too far from a music shop. Online Guitar Lessons are very beneficial, because you dont have to be driving spending gas money on top the fee of each guitar lesson. I am going to be talking about how online guitar lessons will be better than taking private guitar lessons, and help you save money in this economy if your are on a tight budget.

Learning How to Play the Violin – At Any Age

You can learn to play the violin at any age. Young or old, we all enjoy a good fiddler!

Are Piano Lessons Right For Your Child?

Piano lessons for beginners are available for children as well as adults. Some of the finest pianists began at a very early age. Your child may have unrealized musical talent just waiting to be discovered. Even if they have not displayed any musical inclination, learning an instrument can have many positive side effects. Children will feel more confident in themselves and practice valuable learning skills that they will need later in life.

What Are Clefs in Sheet Music?

An explanation of what clefs are when reading sheet music. What they are and where you find them.

Online Guitar Lessons – Learning How To Read Chord Diagrams

Learn how to read chord diagrams from Online Guitar Lessons. This one of the basics you first learn when playing the guitar. I will be providing a step by step tutorial on how to understand chord diagrams.

Quickest Way to Learn the Different Types of Black Keys Chords

Without a doubt, the Black Keys are one of the most influential bands of our modern day. Their music has influenced millions of people and has set the bar high in terms of what people expect from a blues band, let alone a duo. Personally, I am a huge fan of the band, especially the guitarist, Dan Auerbach. As a guitarist, the question came up recently amongst friends, about the types of Black Keys chords, and it really got me thinking. I’m going to literally spell these chords out for you based on the intervals between the notes.

Can Anyone Learn To Sing? Not Easy But Is Possible!

If you watch a lot of Television, you’ll notice that almost every channel will have a singing competition showing. One of the most popular among them is American Idol which has spawned many variations in many different countries. In shows like this, we see many ordinary people trying their hand and singing their hearts out to get a chance to be a singing superstar. Most of the contestants are amateurs who don’t have a vocal coach or did not attend any singing school. Given this fact, you may be asking, can just anyone learn how to sing?

Online Guitar Lessons Tips – Guitar Tuning

Before learning to play the guitar you need to learn to tune the strings. Tuning the guitar is the most important step before learning to play the guitar. Enjoy this step by step tutorial by online guitar lessons on how to tune your guitar.

Guitar Tips and Tricks From Online Guitar Lessons

Before you can play the guitar, you first need to learn how to hold it. While it may look simple, a bit of technique goes into it. Please enjoy this step-by-step guide to holding a guitar from online guitar lessons.

What Are Key Signatures in Music?

A description of what key signatures in music are and how they are used. Also how to work out the major scale that key signatures are based on.

The Deeper You Dig, The Darker It Gets

New to music transcription or eager to get started? Consider this before you begin…

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