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The Joys of Playing an Acoustic Guitar

This article will give an overview of how fun it can actually be to play an acoustic guitar. You don’t have to play to be a professional or be perfect. You can play for fun and a large majority of people do that, and we would like to help you succeed at simply having fun. Here is how.

Guitar Music Notes Online

Learning guitar notes and guitar music is no different than to learn piano or flute. You will, in the long run, need to learn the basics. They are fundamental. With a solid foundation in music theory you will be able to develop as a professional musician. If you can read music, you will be ahead of 80% of other musicians. As you grow in your technique, you may want to play with other musicians. The music has its own language and terrain. To master this new language, you will need to find the right method of instruction that suits your personality and learning style. I recommend viewing artists online. Find their music videos on YouTube or other video directories.

Making Modal Chord Progressions From The Major Scale Harmony

When you practice modes from the Major scale it is best to learn them with good chord progressions playing in the background. Making modal chord progressions is a subject that is very challenging for beginners. Fortunately it is very simple once you understand the theory behind it. The following technique I am about to show you I leaned from a Frank Gambale lesson. Once you know this technique, you will be making modal chord progressions in no time.

Good Online Guitar Instructions

There are musical geniuses out there who can sing, play piano and other instruments-they can hear it once and play the song. These are brilliant musicians who enjoy very short careers. Many guitar players in this category who can “play it by ear” and are very wonderful right out the gate-still need to consider the basics of the language of music. They need to study fundamental music theory. While I admire these geniuses of music, I still think they need basic guitar instructions. More specifically, it is necessary to learn to read music. Music theory is the language of music. It is what allows a musician to talk to other musicians. To play professionally (or even fun in a jam session) you will have to learn the language. If you want to speak in another language, you must learn that language.

Two Huge Tips For Creating Interesting Guitar Strum Patterns

Ever find yourself banging out the same old rhythms on your guitar but can’t figure out how to get out of that rut? There’s a couple easy ways to take those bland old strum patterns and turn them into something new and exciting.

Notes For Guitar – Guitar Basics For The Beginner

Notes for guitar are essentially the same as for any instrument in that there are only so many notes period. Where and how they are played on the guitar is of course the difference. Musical notes are named after the first seven letters in the alphabet – A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. There are also notes in between, half-notes if you will that are designated sharp or flat. These notes can have more than one designation since an A sharp is the same as a B flat, it just depends on who is writing the music. The easy way to remember is that when you flatten something it gets lower and when you sharpen something (like a pencil) it stands up higher.

Learn Guitar Scales: Introduction To The Modes

If you want to be a great lead guitar player, it’s imperative that you learn guitar scales. You might already know this, but many new guitar players think of scales as being the pentatonic and blues scales. Those pentatonic and blues scales are definitely important to rock guitar lead playing, but they’re not the whole story.

Using Scales For The Guitar – This Is How You Improvise!

Scales for the guitar are nothing more than a series of notes played in a specific order. That being said, scales are one of the most important things any guitarist can learn since scales are the basis for improvisation and song writing. Learn more about this fun aspect of playing the guitar!

Guitar Songs For Beginners – Finding Contemporary Music With Basic Chords

Guitar songs for beginners need to have a couple of attributes in order for beginners to be able to learn and play them in a recognizable manner. Everyone who’s ever played guitar knows what it’s like when you’re a beginner. You bought a shiny new guitar and you can’t wait to become the next Eric Clapton or Dave Matthews but you can’t start there. You need to work up to their level and they’ve been playing professionally day in day out for decades. Local music stores typically have lots of guitar books to choose from and it’s easy to find something contemporary that is based around a few basic chords.

Piano for Kids: Fun and Easy Learning

Kids are at the best of life’s stages in learning the secrets of playing and getting skillful with piano. Apparently, learning is lifetime and may come at any age, but piano for kids is simply a something that parents should consider to their children.

How To Make Hip Hop Beats Quickly And Easily Like A Pro

Does driving around your city and hearing that fresh new beat on the radio make you wonder why it’s so fresh? What makes that beat so hot anyway? Maybe you even think of making one of those hot beats yourself. There are a few things that you need in order to start making hot hip hop beats. So how do you go about it – making hot new hip hop beats?

Guitar Lessons Guided By Using Free Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Playing the guitar is not easy, whatever anyone might tell you. Oh yes, anyone can pick up a guitar and get a noise out of it which sounds like music. Getting a noise that sounds like good music is a whole other matter, and something which many of us have to admit is beyond us.

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