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Teach Yourself to Play Music – A Very Basic Lesson for Music and Piano

From one elusive note, Middle C, this enables you to find every note on the bass and treble lines of your sheet music. These notes that you have on your sheet music relate to the piano by way of the white keys of the keyboard. Using the same process that we used on the sheet music you can find and name every white key on the keyboard. But first you need locate the middle C on your keyboard.

11 Great Guitar Smartphone Apps

I dug around and came up with 11 of the best and most useful smartphone guitar apps out there. Not just dopey little apps that let you “play guitar” by strumming your phone. You’re a real guitar, so we’ll concentrate on apps that really help your guitar training and productivity.

5 Tips You Can Use Today When Learning Your First Chords

Learning your first guitar chords can be very challenging. In fact most beginners quit because playing chords is so difficult at first. So what can you do to stop yourself from quitting? I’ve listed a few helpful tips that will help to not only keep you on track but also prevent you from giving up on your dream of learning to play guitar.

Learn to Play Piano – Left Hand Playing Is The Reverse of Right Hand Playing

Playing piano requires both hands to play at the same time at two different areas of the keyboard, the right hand the mid to high range notes and the left hand the bass notes. In order to differentiate the two areas of the piano keyboard to be played with right and left hands, music is written on two sets of five lines.

More Guitar Strum Patterns Tips

An important key to sounding like a pro when you are playing your guitar strum patterns is to develop a steady down – up rhythm. Whether you’ll actually be strumming the strings doesn’t matter. You want a consistent down – up – down – up – down – up, etc. Just like when you tap your feet or like the steady swing on the pendulum of a clock.

Guitar Strumming – The Secret

When you first begin to learn guitar strumming, your rhythms won’t likely sound very polished. However, once you understand the basics and get comfortable playing you’ll quickly hear a vast improvement and it will simply feel right and flow.

Learn Guitar Strumming and Chords Using a Method Book

When it comes to learning anything new it’s always a benefit to have a teacher or a good book or method that would include audios or videos. If you want to learn guitar strumming and chords it’s the same.

Learning to Play The Piano Can Be Achieved in Different Ways

Traditionally learning to play piano has been taught by learning the names of notes on the music and the keys to produce the same note on the piano keyboard. This system is used by the majority of music teachers around the world and teaches a solid foundation of both music and piano playing. There are alternate methods of learning to play piano using music, that produces similar results and are more interesting to learn by.

Kids Piano Lessons – Don’t Let Them Quit

It’s not uncommon for your kid, usually about the time they reach the ‘wonder’ years to begin to temporarily lose their minds, which may include losing interest in their piano lessons. If you let them quit, they are going to regret it in later years. Here’s what you should do.

Learn Piano Scales – The Mystery Is Solved

Nowadays the simplest way to learn piano scales and chords is with an online piano course. If you think that scales and chords are mysterious or magical actions only performed by naturally gifted musicians, get ready to unlock the secret. Depending on your ability to focus some time and effort, scales and chords can be learned in a short amount of time. The musical foundation of chords are based on the various major and minor scales. Learn your scales, and the ability to play chords will easily follow.

Interpretation in Music, Particularly in Classical

As a musician, how do you perform another’s composition? There is a correct way of interpreting it without losing the integrity of the composition through unnecessary alteration but by ensuring your own artistic expression as well.

Teach Yourself to Play Music – A Very Basic Lesson to Demystify Music and the Piano

Teaching yourself to play piano is a very rewarding experience. Not only because you learn to play your favourite songs on the piano but you also learn how to read music, opening the door to other forms of music and the chance to learn other instruments. Here I hope to display a very basic lesson in music but I truly hope that it helps demystify music and the piano.

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