? Slow Finger In G – Performance – Blues Guitar Lesson – Albert Castiglia

Cheap Acoustic Guitars: The Best Guitar For Your Money

In this article, you will learn what to look for in a cheap acoustic guitar. This includes brands and makes, as well as options.

Guitar Backing Tracks – Solo, Rhythm, Bass Take Your Pick

Whether you are new to blues guitar or an old hat at it, there will come a time when you will need to practice and no-one is available, or you are one of those people who only plays for their own enjoyment. Either way, playing with the accompaniment of a full band using Blues Guitar Backing Tracks will not only improve your playing, technique and style, but will also give you untold amounts of confidence in yourself.

How to Play Keyboard – Here’s the Easiest Way

Are you looking to learn how to play keyboard? What you will learn here is how to play keyboard the fastest and easiest way possible today.

Learning How To Sing From Your Diaphragm

Learning how to sing from your diaphragm is easier than you might think. It is one of the things that is taught right away in the basic lessons. Electronics dominates our world today and there are less and less opportunities for people to sing on stage without the help of a microphone. Microphones eliminate the need to truly sing from the gut.

Reading Standard Notation for Guitar

A basic guide for guitar learners, describing how to read standard notation. Introduces the treble clef, and a system of memorization for easily recognizing the notes on the musical staff.

Learning How to Play the Piano for Beginners

Several websites that provide many aspiring piano players with step by step guidelines on piano lessons exist today. This means of learning how to play the piano for beginners could be a satisfying experience that enables any beginner to value all types of music. Most of the piano for beginners’ lessons does not presume any previous knowledge of the piano.

How to Play Piano

Although the piano is intimidating since it can adapt to play in any kind of musical context, when you discover how to play piano, it could also be an enjoyable activity all year round. Contrary to many beliefs, it is not difficult to learn how to play piano in addition to it being a perfect accompaniment that compliments singers as well as other instruments in addition to having a rich, astounding and well-rounded tone. Most websites on how to play piano provide the learning basics which would assist anyone willing to learn.

How To Play Metal Solos – Mastering Arpeggios, Sweeps And Scales For Heavy Metal Solos

When it comes to music, heavy metal is one of the most powerful, enriching genres one can experience. Metal sits somewhere close to the apex of talent, creativity, and spirit. It can be mesmerizingly beautiful and uplifting, while being heavy, and intense. Understanding the makeup of metal solos can be explained by mastering arpeggios, sweeps, and scales.

Acoustic Drums

Drum heads can also have an effect over the sound the acoustic drums make as well, making it difficult to guess the type of wood by ear, however some woods really stand out when tuned correctly, like Bubinga, with its extremely warm tone, yet extreme attack! If you haven’t heard one yet, or just don’t know you did, go to a nearby store that sells acoustic drums and ask them if they have a Bubinga set! You won’t regret it!

Retuning Your Guitar – A Way For Finding New Sounds and New Ideas

There are more ways to tune a guitar than the standard E-A-D-G-B-E. This article describes alternate tunings that can lead a player to new sounds and new ideas. Reference to famous musicians’ use of alternate tunings are included in the discussion.

Guitar Cables – Protecting Your Electric Guitar Sound

Guitar cables come in varying lengths. Choosing the wrong length can rob you of your sound. This article describes how to choose sensible cable lengths throughout your signal chain to optimize the balance between tone and performance practicality.

Electric Guitar Trick for Les Paul Style Guitars

This article will describe how to get a unique sound effect out of a Les Paul style guitar. The effect described references the electric guitar sound effect heard on Van Halen’s “You Really Got Me” at the 1:40 to 1:43 mark in the song. Step-by-step instructions, and an explanation on how the effect works, are both included.

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