? String Bending Lesson – Corey Congilio

Make Your Own Exclusive Beats And Sell Them

Everyday new artists and hobby musicians are searching the internet for exclusive beats. There are many sites where unknown producers sell and lease the usage rights for their beats. This gives a chance to hobby musicians to make a name in the industry and even to make some good money on the side. But what are exclusive beats?

How to Become a Certified Piano Teacher

Sharing a love of piano playing through teaching can be deeply rewarding both for the teacher and the student. Anyone with a modicum of skill can set up shop and teach. However, professional certification provides many benefits not only for the teacher and the students, but also for the community.

Can You Learn to Play the Guitar by Ear?

All most all qualified performers, no matter whether they are actively playing people, rock ‘n roll, bluegrass and jazz songs, have invested their first years of rehearsing curved over the half pace record player.There is a chance you are asking exactly what does this have to do with learning to relax and play your guitar by hearing.

Learn to Play Bass With These Fundamentals

Before you begin to learn to play bass, there are a few things that you need to know about this wonderful instrument. The bass guitar is one of the most rhythmic instruments that can only be appreciated by those who understand music and know the importance that it holds in a concerto. It would help if you were to take some time out to understand the features of the bass guitar.

Piano Learning Software – 5 Tips to Get You Started

So many people want to learn to play piano online, but they don’t know where to start.  There are different kinds of piano learning software out there, so it makes it a bit difficult for people to decide which one they want to get.  I’m sure that even many of you have figured out what you want to buy, but for those of you who still want direction, here are some steps that you can take to the right piano learning software.

How To Read Sheet Music – Getting Started

The first main concept to learn when working out how to read sheet music is simply how to tell how high or low the pitch of a note is. Grasp this and, believe it or not, you are already well on the way to reading music.

Producing Hot Rap Beats On Your Computer – How To Do It

You probably heard the beats Kanye West, Timbaland or Dr. Dre are producing and ask yourself: how is it that they make such good music every time? It’s really easy to answer. First, every successful producer has his own style. Timbaland for example, uses busy drums and percussion to make his beats sound special and different from the others. But most important, people can easily recognize his productions.

Types Of Guitar – What’s The Right Style That Suits You?

In case you have chosen to start learning how to play guitar, you can begin by simply searching various types of guitars which are available, among them are acoustic, electric, dobro, bass and many more. Many of these unique variations of the guitar include cool features which will suit your style.

Tips in Developing Your Own Style As a Guitarist

In order to become a stand-out guitar player, you need a unique style that will differentiate you from other guitarists. To help you come out of your shell and create a style for yourself, check out these tips.

Beginner’s Guide: What to Consider When Buying an Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar is a highly versatile string instrument that can be used when playing different musical styles such as country, folk, blues, rock, metal, and even punk. When planning on studying how to play guitar, the acoustic type is more ideal than the electric guitar because it doesn’t involve too many accessories.

Learn Guitar – The Multiple Methods Of Learning Guitar

Whenever a person has decided to learn guitar, amongst his several concerns will probably be how to begin. In some cases, most individuals would just stop their dream of becoming a guitar player because they don’t know the ways to start. Just where to start looking. What they should look at.

Choosing a Keyboard Instrument: Piano or Organ?

Some people think that if you’ve taken piano lessons, you’ll also be able to play the organ well, and vice-versa. However, this isn’t really true in every case.

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