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Learn All the Notes on the Guitar in 1 Week

You will only have to spend about a 1/2 hour or less on this a day for 7 days and you will know all the notes on the guitar in one week. First off, make sure your guitar is in tune or you will drive yourself crazy. Also this is taught as if your guitar is in standard tuning.

How To Use Dynamics in Piano Playing

When I teach piano students a classical piece of music, I first look for technical correctness. I observe piano posture and that sight-reading skills have improved.

Where To Find Effective And Easy To Follow Tutorial For Guitar Online

Most people want to learn guitar but some of them give up the first try. Sad to say, not all can learn how to play guitar songs fast. There are times that guitar appears to be so complicated to play. But people who may not get it after a few tries should never give up on it. Maybe, they should ask themselves, is it really them or there’s something wrong with the way they are learning to play guitar. Wrong ways or complicated ways of learning will definitely make it hard. So, it’s important that the learner is comfortable with the method he or she is using. For people learning on their own, there are tutorials for guitar online which have been developed in a way that they could easily be picked by anyone, like Guitar Scale Mastery by Craig Bassett.

Learning To Sing

Learning to sing is an amazingly emotional and challenging journey. It’s also very rewarding once you start making the kinds of progress that you were hoping for. Learning how to sing good can take a lot of time. I’m talking many months or years. But the reward is that you’ll have the ability to make music without any other instruments for the rest of your life!

Singing Voice

The singing voice is one of the most beautiful instruments in the world and everybody has one! Learning how to use your singing voice and how to sing good takes a little time and effort on your part and I’m going to explain the fastest, easiest way to go about it.

Acapella Singing

Learning to sing acapella isn’t that different from learning to sing with instrumental accompaniment. Just as in acapella singing, you’ll need to have some sort of understanding of the singing voice, getting a beautiful singing tone, how to sing on pitch, etc. In fact, being able to sing on pitch is the biggest challenge that acapella singers and groups face because there’s no music supporting them.

Learn Easy Songs to Play on Guitar to Boost Your Confidence

In order to be successful at playing simple songs on the guitar, it is essential that you learn the basics first. This includes holding the guitar properly and strumming the strings in the right order.

Beginner Guitar Songs – How to Establish a Proper Foundation

This list is mix of current and classics and should be familiar to most people who want to play guitar. They have reasonably simple chord progressions and melodies.

Online Video Guitar Lessons – Fast Track to Success!

Online video guitar lessons can be a very effective way to learning to play the guitar rather quickly. I know because I use them all the time. Keep in mind though that online video guitar instruction programs are not the same as learning guitar with DVD lessons.

How Your Performance and Success Are Reinforced by Practice

What determines success without stress in performance? How can you have success without stress in an organ lesson, playing for a church service, accompanying a choir or soloist, or performing on an organ recital? Success without stress in performance is a result of good planning, careful preparation, preliminary presentation, and exacting reinforcement.

Why Building Organ Student Cohorts Is an Important Experience

A cohort is a group of people sharing a common factor. An organ student cohort is a group of individuals of like mind with the study of the history and design of the organ, organ technique improvement and repertoire enhancement as its main purpose.

Learn To Sing And Improve Your Musicianship With Singing Software

One of the best and most convenient ways to better your musicianship and singing voice is to use singing software. This musical and vocal training software allows you to work at your own pace from the comfort of your own home and is affordable and effective.

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