? Ted Ludwig’s 30 Jazz 2-5-1 Licks You MUST Know – Intro – Guitar Lessons

Transitioning From Being A Bedroom Guitarist Into A Musician

I started learning the guitar at 10 years old. The love for music had always been there, the safe feeling of being immersed in sound and melody. The warmth of songs, the different turns emotions would take on a path paved by chords and harmony.

The Bass Guitar – Myths and Truths

The Bass guitar is a stigmatised instrument. To put it bluntly, it’s seen as the idiot’s guitar. If you agree, then you need to read on. The aim of this article is to encourage anyone considering taking up the Bass guitar to look beyond the myths that degrade it, and see the true potential of this beautiful musical instrument.

Flat-Lining Guitar Requires Emergency Treatment

Up until the 1950s, the guitar was primarily an instrument of accompaniment: it was too quiet to be much more. Improvements in sound recording technology, along with the electrification of the guitar, both gave the instrument a new voice: and it spoke to a generation. Guitar-playing techniques evolved, the social and economic landscape shifted, music changed radically, and in the 1960s Rock was born.

Effective Ways On How to Take Beginner Guitar Lessons

Learning to play the guitar can be fun and rewarding, but only if you choose the right guitar teacher and learning methods. These tips will help you find beginner guitar lessons that will work for you.

Audio Mastering Is Important But How Does It Work

Audio mastering is the final and very important step in music production. The mastering engineer checks the audio for mixing errors and uses several techniques for the mix to sound better and louder.

Types of Guitar – A Brief Overview

The guitar is one of the most easily recognisable musical instruments in the world today. But, where did it originate? In actual fact it has been around in various guises for several centuries.

The Etude

An Etude is an exercise for the piano or other instrument that develops various technical challenges. The Etude is intended to be demanding so as to help the musician conquer any technical difficulties they may be having in learning a particular piece of music.

The Band Rehersal: Tips for Getting Down To The Business of Learning Songs

If you’ve ever been in a band of any kind, you probably already know that rehearsal and band practice can either be extremely productive and enjoyable…

Why Your Guitar May As Well Be Ply Wood

Dishonesty from suppliers, consumer ignorance and big business all working together to bring you a terrible guitar tone. Learn what guitar wood is safe and how to avoid getting junk.

Hip Hop Song Writers

Hip Hop song writers are finding the song writing process becoming easier than ever before with the increasing number of song writing tools and software available online and in the market. Traditionally song writing has always had the same steps, lyrics, music, production; the path followed varying from artist to artist. Generally in hip hop, the beat comes first.

Music Ghost Writers

Over the years, ghost writers have expanded to the field of music writing and music ghost writers are now commonplace. Ghost writing has been going on since years as even the best of authors and orators can get stuck and find themselves facing writers block, unable to write a single word and just needing that little nudge or inspiration to finish their works. The same goes for music, sometimes artists and musicians, be it bands or solo artists find themselves stuck at certain points in songs and find themselves unable to complete the song or album,…

The Fine Art of Songwriting

Views and tips on the art of songwriting. The importance of songwriting and ways in which to best utilise this art form.

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