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How To Learn Guitar The Fast And Easy Way

Do you remember those summer nights on the beach, enjoying a sing-a-long under the stars? Perhaps it was a campfire in the woods, or maybe a barbecue in a friend’s backyard. For many of us, those memories include a soulful guitar player. Wouldn’t you love to be able to do that too – to create beautiful music and beautiful memories? Lucky for you, the guitar is one of the easiest musical instruments to learn. You can do it alone or in a group, at your own pace, without feeling pressured. If you want to learn guitar fast and easy, here are some tips to help you use as a replacement for beginning guitar lessons.

Voice Lessons and Singing Tips – How to Sing With a Beautiful Voice

Many people want to know how to have a beautiful singing voice. It’s been said by great instrumentalists that they wonder about the personal enjoyment of making beautiful music using the only internal instrument, their voice. It would bring them a sense of joy to be able to express themselves by singing. Here are a couple of tips to having a beautiful voice.

Learning To Play The Drums – A Beginners Guide To Getting Started On The Drums

Have you always wanted to play the drums but didn’t know where to start? This article will guide a Beginner drummer on their way to drumming success and gives practical tips and advice to all aspiring musicians just starting out.

Discover How to Train Yourself to Play by Ear on the Piano

Learning piano is a great hobby, and anybody can learn to play if they put their mind to it. But what makes a pianist stand out from the crowd, is if you have that little extra sparkle in your playing by having the skill and ability to perform and play by ear. When musicians play by ear, they have a lot more freedom and expression in their playing, and people can connect more to the music, rather than just reading from a musical score sheet.

Discover How to Master Co-Ordination on the Piano

Co-ordination on the Piano is one of the hardest tasks you will come across as a beginner, but once you have learnt this skill, it will be with you forever. It’s like when you first learn to ride a bike, it’s a bit tricky to start with, but with a little bit of practice you finally click and then there is no stopping you. See below ten tips to help and improve your co-ordination skills on the Piano: – Make sure you are 100% confident of what each hand needs to play.

Find Out What Helps Us Continue Playing the Instrument We Love

Tips to help you stay on track with your learning diligence, whether you are a professional or an amateur musician. This article gives advice on memory techniques, practice routines, and even the use of mantras.

House Of The Rising Sun Chords

A very popular song that will add confidence to your piano playing is called The House Of The Rising Sun. It is an easy one to play and to sing along with.

Making Music Beats With Online Beat Makers And Selling Them Online

Have you ever wanted to make your own beat? If you answer yes then there is no more excuses because with the growing amount of online beat makers you could be making and mastering your own beats fast. In this article I will be talking about how to make beats and where you can sell them online.

Singing Lessons for Beginners

How to sing your best with Speech Level Singing Lessons. A Certified Speech Level Singing Teacher can show you how with a few singing lessons, you could dramatically sing better and without strain. Singing will be a lot more enjoyable.

Learn How To Play The Piano Today

A lot of people have ambitions they would like to attain in life. If the goal is to learn about how to play the piano, then it’s certainly not too late. Through the web, you could make that particular desire a real possibility within weeks. If you never had the chance to take piano lessons during your younger years, you may get all of them these days. All you have to do is consider a good online piano course.

What Size Djembe Drum Should I Get?

The djembe drum size you require will depend on your own size, level of ability, and, of course, the musical purpose of the drum. Djembe drums can be played whilst sitting down and also standing up – with the aid of a djembe strap. Adults should, generally speaking, have larger drums where the heads are 12 inches or more. Young people should have the smaller drum, with head sizes of 7 to 10 inches.

An Early History of the Electric Guitar

The first attempts at producing the electric guitar date from the early part of the 20th century. In the 1920s a lot of hobbyists tried various ways to magnify the sound from guitars and other stringed instruments using carbon button microphones at the bridge and tungsten pick-ups, but this produced weak signals and thus poor results.

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