? Ted Ludwig’s Jazz Comping Handbook – Intro – Guitar Lessons

Guitar Picking Styles – 10 Guitar Finger Picking Combinations

Various guitar-strumming styles take into account the mathematical possibilities of the binary 1-0 or on off. Let’s say that 1010 is one set. Another set could be 1101. Put the two sets together and you have 1010,1101. By adding two more sets together, we could have this 4 set combination: 1010,1101,0101,1110. This 4 set combination is repeated for maybe 16 bars of music and then another combination can replace it.

Learn How To Play Piano Online – Benefits Versus Disadvantages

I know you had some hesitations on what was the right way to learn piano. Because I had. You also might consider variants of hiring a tutor, visiting some ‘group piano lessons’ and, maybe, a variant of learning piano on-line. And this one, the last variant, may seem to you the last thing you’d try to. Because you’re not sure if the ‘on-line education approach’ is effective in general. Well, this small article will clear it up for you.

How To Make Beats – 5 Tips That Will Put You Above the Competition

Making Beats is a very fun and profitable hobby or profession depending on how serious you are about the craft. It seems to be a big trend these days everyone is wanting to learn how to make beats so they can become the next big producer or perhaps put some extra cash into their pockets. There are many beat production applications out there and as well as tons of videos but none of them seem to really walk you through step by step on how beats are created.

The Soul Of The New Music Artist

You’ve read The Artists Way you work hard at your craft you believe you have what it takes and you’ll stop at nothing. You’ll jump through any hoops, climb any stack of boulders and charge to the top of the mountain to get to where you are going. There is nothing that will stop you.

Palm Muting Guitar – Right Hand Exercises For Better Technique

In order to learn palming we must go through different phases and degrees of palm pressure. Remember that palming occurs both during or after the strings are plucked or strummed. Try these 5 steps to become better at palm muting. Keep in mind that with guitar, right hand exercises in palming are for more advanced students although the beginner guitar students should be introduced to palming without forcing the issue.

How To Learn Singing By Self Study

Not all vocalists that learn to sing do it by going to a teacher, they learn by teaching themselves. While there are some who can learn “by ear” just by listening to other people singing, most people are not successful at this. The problem is compounded by the fact that lessons from a teacher or professional voice coach are very expensive, and the good voice teachers are rare. The next best thing is an audio based self study course.

Can You Play the Music You Hear in Your Head?

I wonder if your mind works like mine. Sometimes I can hear a great original tune in my head, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get it right. Writing guitar music can be hard. Do some things to make it easier.

Learning to Play the Guitar

Many people would love to learn to play an instrument and the guitar is usually their first choice, because they assume it they will just take a couple of easy guitar lessons to become a pro. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Learning a new skill takes time, lots of practice and determination.

Key Signatures and Scales

There are 15 major keys and 15 minor keys all identifiable by the key signature found in every piece of music. Each key, both major and minor, have corresponding scales. The key signature is the compilation of flat or sharp signs that are found at the beginning of a musical score between the musical clef and the time signature that identify which notes in the musical scale are flatted or sharped to signify the key of the music and the musical scale.

Music Theory – What Is It?

It is important to remember music came first, well before music theory. Long before pen was put to paper, man was banging away on drums with sticks to create music. You can be a good musician without ever having learned the basics of music theory.

Becoming the Master of Your Guitar in 3 Simple Steps

Playing the guitar is easier than you think. With three simple steps, you can learn the tricks and tools necessary to quickly strum through your guitar music lessons.

How To Write Song Lyrics

When you hear a song for the first time, surely you will notice the lyrics before anything else. The lyrics give the song its meaning and depth. No song can be able to touch people’s lives without lyrics.

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