? Tommy Emmanuel’s Play With Fire: Stories Without Words – Intro – Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons

Sing Now – Overcoming Nerves

One of the biggest hurdles for singers to overcome is nerves. Most people will struggle with nerves at one time or another throughout their life, but a lot of singers deal with this every time they have to perform. The unfortunate thing is that for singers, it can affect the quality of your singing voice if you can’t take control of your fear. In this article I will cover some methods you can use to get you over the butterflies in your stomach.

Everyone Can Learn to Read Music – Here’s Why

If you thought you couldn’t learn to read music have a read. I will look at some of the reasons people think they can’t read sheet music and give ideas to overcome those obstacles.

The Guide to Learning to Play Piano by Ear

Learning to play piano is a great skill that any musician can have. There are many who have the skill to play piano by ear by repeatedly listening to any piece of music. Most self-educated musicians begin their journey in their music career by choosing an instrument and playing a not-so-difficult tune from a popular song.

A Parent’s Guide to Music Lessons (Piano, Drums, Guitar, Etc): Getting Your Child to Practice More

This is a guide for parents. If you are a parent that is frustrated with seeing your kid choosing to play video games or texting their friends instead of practicing for their instrumental lesson, this is a must read! This article will give tips on motivating your child to practice their instrument more effectively and consistently.

The Right Way To Learn Singing

While a lot of people are into singing, be it in the karaoke bar, in front or an audience, or in the shower, not everyone knows how to sing properly. To become as good as Whitney Houston, or any high-caliber singers, it requires sheer talent, dedication, and proper singing lessons. Even if you are born with a good voice, you need to take singing classes to help you with the right technique in singing properly.

The Ethereal Sounds Of Classical Music – Learn The Violin

Classical music can evoke more emotion than any other type of music and is seeing an increase in recent popularity. Since the renaissance people have learned the classical musical instruments and high among them is the violin. In the modern world you have several routes into tuition, so we take a look at the violin and how you can learn this most beautiful of instruments.

Online Guitar Classes – The Best Way to Learn

Online guitar lessons are definitely the wave of the future. Compare it to distance learning from universities. The convenience is unmatched when it comes to creating the perfect learning environment and having options that you had never previously imagined.

Why Women Can’t Play Guitar

I have always wondered why so few women have achieved fame as guitarists. It’s easy to think of female performers who also strum a guitar, but much harder to name women who are known firstly as guitarists.

Acoustic Guitar – Learn to Play the Guitar 10 Minutes at a Time

Learning to play the acoustic guitar ranks number 17, one behind “buy a house”, on the World’s Most Popular Goals list, but yet there is a very small percentage of people who can play the acoustic guitar. You may have thought of trying to learn to play but aren’t sure how to go about it or you may have tried and failed and are looking for a better way. I learned to play the acoustic guitar 10 minutes at a time and you can do the same thing.

Waveforms: Understanding Music Synthesis

This article covers the four basic waveforms (sine, square, triangle, & sawtooth) and harmonics. Understanding these basic principles will help you design your own sounds on a synthesizer.

Want To Take Your Guitar Playing To The Next Level? Online Guitar Lessons Will Do Just That!

If you want to really improve your guitar playing, then interactive online guitar lessons will take you to the next level. Every style and genre of music is to be found online, and these lessons will save you money and be more flexible for you. There are of course some lessons that are better than others… and it pays to do some research. I have found the best lessons, and so will you.

Guitar Lessons – The Master Keys To Fretboard Freedom!

If you want to master your guitar playing, and thoroughly understand the fretboard, then you need to find the best guitar lessons from a private teacher or guitar lessons online. With a little research you can find the very best guitar membership sites which give the student a wide range of teachers and music styles to choose from.

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