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Learning Piano – The Best Way Is Fast, Fun, and Easy

The old established methods of learning to play the piano still work well and are still the top recommendation of most traditional piano teachers. However, the availability of online courses, DVDs, software that you install on your computer, and complete midi packages that you can plug and play, have made learning the piano easier, faster and more fun than it’s ever been before. Most modern teachers actually recommend that the beginner start with one of these methods before moving on to more advanced levels.

Online Guitar Courses (Pros and Cons Of Online Guitar Courses)

Online Guitar Courses, Are They Good or Bad? Hi Everyone, in this article we will be talking about online guitar courses pros and cons. The objective of this article is to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about the way you want to learn to play guitar. First off there are a lot of things to consider before choosing an guitar course.

Difference Between Distortion and Overdrive

Distortion and overdrive pedals are both sometimes referred to as gain pedals, or perhaps dirt or crunch pedals. These types of pedals add extra grit to your guitar tone, and in the process they can also boost the volume a bit, if so required. Whether it’s called gain, dirt or grit – the idea is the same. There is another type of gain pedal that should be mentioned here as well – the fuzz pedal, as it also belongs to this family of pedals. However, I’m leaving fuzz pedals out of the discussion for the rest of this article.

How To Find A Good Teacher To Start Playing Guitar

It is not absolutely necessary to have a teacher to start playing guitar. Nevertheless, it is hard to imagine any great guitarist, who became very popular without a tutor. Here is a simple explanation of that fact.

Tips To Help You Learn The Guitar Fast

Have you ever had an interest in learning music? Do you know that this process can take many years of practice in order to master the many techniques? It will require you to put in a large amount of hours of practice in order to become versed in those techniques, particularly in context of learning a guitar, as it is known to be one of the more difficult instruments to pick up. It can take years of tuition and practice. Guitar is also a very popular instrument that many people are eager to learn and play. If you do not have much time due to your busy life style and at the same time have a keen interest and enthusiasm to learn the guitar, then you may like to know if there is a way to learn the guitar fast.

Guitar Tunings

Using different guitar tunings is one of the most simplest ways to play guitar. In fact once you start using these different guitar tuning you will be able to broaden your learning level by 50%.

If You Don’t Breathe You May Choke – The Benefits Of Silence

Good phrasing in scratching is a lot like writing a good sentence. If done well it will contain all the necessary punctuation to get your point across. If you have a lot to say in one sentence, it helps to break things up by adding commas(or even parenthesis).

Successful Songwriting: Forget Everything You Have Heard Before! If You Can!

Have you ever listened to a song (or songs!) before and thought, “Um…I’ve already heard this!” Well I certainly have! You know the song that talks about “climbing any mountain”, “when I look into your eyes”, all of those types of lyrics that were probably pretty cool the very first time they were written, but now they sound just as stale and uninteresting as your friend singing Journey on a 3-hour road trip to the beach. Well, this type of writing seems to be killing some songwriters today!

Qualities of a Good Guitar Teacher

Have you mastered the art of strumming the guitar and now wish to become a guitar teacher? Or are you looking for a guitar teacher to teach you how to play the guitar? No matter in which part of the world you are, whether in Singapore, Shanghai or Switzerland, there are certain qualities which a good guitar teacher needs to have.

Learn Some Useful Tips for Singing

One can say that music is in the soul of most individuals. That is why a lot of people are looking for tips for singing well because they would like to be able to sing well and feel accomplished and enlightened.

Winning Tactics For Practicing Guitar

Guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments with the youth. They invest a lot of time looking for the right guitar, amp, effects and sound but when it comes to practicing, they tend to get bored. They simply fail to understand that the type of guitar is not as important as the method of practice and techniques.

The Easiest Way To String A Guitar

Stringing a guitar is an integral part of guitar maintenance. The method of stringing a guitar is not that difficult but it should be done in the right way to prevent your guitar going out of tune.

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