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Tutoring Tips – Teaching Piano to Children

Piano lessons are a great way to introduce children to music. There are a few simple guidelines to take into consideration when teaching children how to play the piano. Whether you are a certified piano instructor or a parent teaching your child, these guidelines will help instill a love and appreciation for piano playing.

Exercises To Help You Sing In Harmony

Harmony is an essential aspect of music and singing. Learning how to sing in harmony can be done by performing this simple exercise which will teach you how to create remarkably beautiful harmonies and may lead your way towards becoming an incredible backup singer.

Best Beginners Guitar

Hey Everyone, in this article we are going to be talking about a very controversial question that has been asked since the beginning of time. What is the best beginners guitar?

5 Simple Steps to Extend the Life of Your Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar Strings

5 simple steps to get the most life out of your guitar strings. Learn the fastest and most efficient ways to keep your guitar strings longer.

Does Loud Also Mean Fast?

It is natural to play specific music passages that are marked forte with lots of excitement. My piano students get pretty involved with a piece and begin playing without noticing that they have turned up the volume and increased their speed.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Guitar Music

Practice, practice, practice! The way to develop a habit is by repeating a set of actions over and over. Anything that you repeat numerous times becomes a habit and is always the purpose of practice.

How to Play Like Carlos Santana – Some Tricks To Get You To Your Goal!

First of all, understand that everyone has a distinctive playing style, and definitely Carlos Santana has a personal sound that’s immediately identifiable. While you may never end up being Carlos, you are able to incorporate some of his approach to your personal playing.

How to Exploit Guitar Chord Diagrams As An Aid in Learning Guitar Chords

A combination of notes played together on the guitar is called a chord. You will see that there are numerous different chords to master as you are learning fundamental guitar chords. It is imperative that you take things slowly and perfect the most commonly used ones before moving on. In actuality hundreds of prominent songs can be played with purely a handful of elementary chords. It is critical that you comprehend how to read a chord diagram as you are learning guitar chords.

How To Restring Your Guitar

Guitar strings should be replaced every three months. You should also replace them if they lose their sharpness or clarity, become blackened or rusted and if your guitar won’t stay in tune. Classical strings don’t break as often as steel strings. You will get the most enjoyment from playing your guitar if you regularly change your strings as this keeps your guitar sounding fresh and sharp!

Are You Afraid of Music Theory?

Understanding the theory of music is very worthwhile, in my opinion. No, it’s not a must, in order to play guitar well, but it certainly opens up your doors, so to speak. Being able to understand how chords, scales, intervals, etc work is very useful, for many reasons.

How To Record A Solo Acoustic Guitar

There are several ways to record a solo acoustic guitar. I covered the preparation and some techniques for recording acoustic guitar for an ensemble in a previous article and will focus on solo acoustic guitar recording techniques in this one.

Four Questions You Should Ask When Choosing Beat Production Software

It’s a great time to get into making your own music, especially if you are one of the many musicians that are hungry for their first recording contract or live gig. Hip Hop and Rap beats have found their way into most popular music genres including Rock, and even Jazz. The game has changed drastically for beat producers in recent years. Because of the invention of online beat production software. These are the four questions you should ask yourself if you are new to music production when it comes to choosing beat software.

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