? Using Harmonic Minor over a Minor Blues Improv with Jeffery Marshall – TrueFire

Kids Acoustic Guitar – Toy or Investment?

Looking for a kids acoustic guitar? If you are, then be prepared to evaluate a huge number of different instruments, because there are more acoustic guitars for kids out there than you could ever have imagined. Toy guitars have been on the market for years and there is still a great number of them available. You can buy a toy guitar for $10 or less, if you are looking for a toy. Unfortunately, these guitars are just that, toys. They should not even be considered if you are looking for a genuine beginner acoustic guitar for a child who is serious about learning this instrument.

Gwyneth Paltrow Nervous When Singing? How About Me?

Matthew Morrison described Gwyneth Paltrow as a “nervous wreck” when it comes to singing in public. How can we overcome stage fright in singing before a crowd?

Writer’s Block – How To Tackle It

You decide it’s time to pick up your guitar. You find yourself a nice quiet spot in the lounge, bedroom or garden even, and you start playing away. After a few minutes you quickly realize that to put it simply, what you’re playing ‘is going nowhere’.

The Major Scale: The Big Daddy Of Scales

Can you can strum out a few songs on your guitar but want to learn how to solo and write your own songs? Guitarists who can play solos, figure out other people’s songs, improvise well and write their own songs, often are able to do this because of their knowledge of music theory, especially – SCALES. Understanding and playing scales is not as hard as you might think! Read on to learn the most important scale you will ever need.

Can Guitar Lessons Slow Down the Onset of Dementia?

There isn’t a whole lot about playing the guitar that is easy. A lot of different things need to be done at the same time in order to play the instrument correctly and that is why so many people feel as if they shouldn’t even give it a try. However, the fact of the matter is that no matter what a person’s age, it is quite possible to learn how to play the guitar using video guitar lessons.

What The Best Violin Lessons Are and Where to Get Them

The quality of your violin lessons will greatly affect your process as a violinist. Discover the best lessons and where to find them.

How To Develop A Good Singing Voice

If you want to be a good singer, you must develop a good singing voice. How can you do that?

The 5 Components of Vocal Production

The human voice is a complex instrument. Learn the five essential components of this instrument in order to better bring out your full potential.

Musical Instruments For Kids – Parents Make These 5 Mistakes

Learning a musical instrument is arguably one of the most important aspects of your child’s education. In getting children started in music, parents need to do more than merely provide the financing and car rides to music lessons. This article will discuss 5 mistakes that parents can make when getting their child started in music.

Keyboard Tips and Tricks

Most classical pianists today own a grand or an upright piano. Grand pianos are also called horizontal pianos because the strings run horizontally, parallel to the floor. They are indeed grand and can measure from 4 1/2 to 10 feet long.

The Benefits of Video Guitar Lessons

Learning how to play the guitar isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. There are a lot of things that a person has to be able to do at the same time in order to effectively play the guitar and that type of thing typically doesn’t come natural.

Electric Guitar Effects Pedals and the Use of a Noise Gate

In your electric guitar effects pedals chain, if you have an amp that is working properly, you have good cables, good tubes in your amplifier (that are in decent working order), a serviceable guitar and you are still experiencing hums and hisses then the device you need will be some sort of noise gate. This relatively simple device is actually rather simple as this short article will illustrate…

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