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Best Tips in Learning Guitar Chords

Guitar playing is one of the best ways to show your interest in music. There are many individuals who are getting hooked into playing good music through the guitar because of certain influences from their favorite band or musician.

Basic Tips in Learning the Basic Guitar

Guitar playing is not always about how much you are able to earn on a certain gig or where you have been able to play but it’s the kind of music that you are able to share, the music that has part of your soul in some way. There are many beginners that often quit too early, not even being able to enjoy the kind of satisfaction that playing great music brings.

The Beauty of Bass Harmonics

A thumping, popping and percussive sound of the bass makes a music hall energetic; just listen to the bass lines in the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground.” People tend to attach bass with beat, rhythm and all out coolness. But behind that aggressive tone lie a more dramatic sound.

What Do You Need to Know About Bass Guitar Pick-ups?

Bass pick-ups are devices that transmit the vibrations produced by your string to the sound system. It is the second most important part of your bass guitar-next to the strings. Without it, forget about playing with your band in a music hall, or even concerts.

What Scale Do I Use?

Here is a simplified way to help you figure out what scale to use over a particular chord progression. I’ll try to keep the theory to a minimum but I do suggest you learn about intervals and diatonic harmony. We will be discussing the most commonly used scales.

My Songwriting Format

There are dozens and hundreds of songwriting formats which different songwriters have used in the past and use everyday to create memorable music, lyrics, hooks, and just songs in general. I myself juggle and find inspiration for songwriting from a number of different sources and write in different formats. In this article I’m going to identify a great songwriting format which I use from time to time which is great for beginners and seasoned writers alike because anyone can use it.

How to Choose A Guitar for Beginners With 5 Simple Tips

Knowing how to choose a guitar is something every guitar beginner will need to know. After all, buying a guitar can be rather expensive, so beginners need to know how to choose a guitar properly. This article provides beginner learners 5 tips to choose the right guitar.

Buying Your First Electric Guitar – A Few Tips

Christmas is nearly upon us and you may find that an electric guitar tops your loved one’s Christmas wish list. Or maybe you want to learn to play guitar yourself. So how do you go about purchasing your first guitar?

5 Easy, Popular Keyboard Songs to Play in Your Band or Duo

Are you a budding keyboard player that wants to set up a band or duo? If you are and are unsure of where to start or how to approach the subject, then please see below some useful advice on getting started. To start with decide on the style of songs you want to perform, and find your niche.

10 Beginners Keyboard Songs That Can Be Played On Any Size of Keyboard

There are millions of songs out there to play on a keyboard and what is great about this instrument is there are always new journeys and songs to learn. This is why so many people continue their studies of keyboard throughout their life once they take the initial plunge to study. Below are 10 popular songs that are perfectly suited for learning keyboard as a beginner and there are many different versions of these you can find online and offline in music stores: – 1) Clocks by Coldplay.

Would You Like To Learn To Read Music And Improve Your Musical Skills And Abilities?

Everyone has their own reason for wanting to learn to read music. Maybe it’s to sing in a church choir, band or just for fun. This article offers tips if you would like to learn to read music for whatever reason.

Electric Guitar Tone – Tips for Finding the Tone You’ve Been Looking For

The next time you listen to an album with your favorite guitarist, close your eyes and listen to the guitar. What do you like about it? What makes you want to turn up the volume? It can pretty much be guaranteed that it is not what brand of guitar they are playing or what color it is. In the end, it all comes down to tone, and this article will help you choose the best guitar in that regard.

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