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Advantages of Music Classes

Music is a fundamental part of various cultures. It serves many purposes, facilitating the process of socialisation and other interactions. This article discusses the many advantages associated with music classes for toddlers and adults.

Learning Guitar Is Easier If You’re Comfortable When You Play

It’s hard to learn to play guitar (and it can be really frustrating) if you are constantly wrestling with your instrument. There a number of comfort problems that can come up when playing, but just as many solutions including choosing a chair or stool especially suited for you and your guitar. Problem one: The guitar slides around on your lap.

A Parent’s Guide to Drum Lessons: When Is the Right Time to Start? (Part One)

This article will help parents detect whether or not they should follow up on the “hints” that their kids drop about having an interest in learning the drums. It can be tough for a parent to discern whether or not a kid clapping their hands or tapping on a desk is a sign of true musical potential or just something that the kid does merely for recreation. This is a truly helpful guide for any parent with a potential drummer on their hands!

Smart Tips For Ukulele Rookies

Ukuleles are becoming increasingly well-known and more young people are drawn to learning how to play this small but great instrument. If you decided to give ukes a chance, then there are a few things you need to know before taking your first strum. Here are a few smart tips for ukulele rookies that will help you out with a good start.

Self-Learning Violin Tips

The violin is one of the hardest instruments to master. If you decided overnight to go from listening your musical favorites to violin renditions without hiring a teacher, you will need a mob of ambition and these self-learning violin tips to help you out during your initiation.

How To Buy A Diatonic Harmonica For Christmas

There are only two weeks left until Christmas so maybe it’s time to think about what presents to offer to your loved ones. If you haven’t offered a musical instrument before, you should consider a harmonica.

Tips for Buying a Children’s Keyboard

Nowadays, guitars are cooler than keyboards and yet many children are more interested in playing things on the keyboards. They love to perform, and what better way to nurture their possible talent than with a great quality children’s keyboard.

What’s in a Guitar Scale?

The easiest way to understand what scales are and do is to think about it like this; a musical scale is like a mood, if it is happy then keep it happy by feeding it notes it likes. The more notes you add that are not in the scale, the sadder it becomes until it is a confused mess of sound. A scale is there to show you the prescribed notes to give you the mood you are looking for.

Why Learning From The Best Makes You Stand Out

Without suggesting that you need an “idol” to excel at guitar, learning from people that are the best at what they do has definite advantages. When learning guitar it doesn’t really matter if you pick someone from the past or present, just make sure to get a good grasp of their “A” material; in other words don’t pick a great player like electric guitar player like Slash and then go try and learn from him in his Velvet Revolver days. Choose instead a highlight from a musician’s career when you’re first starting out.

How To Pick The Right Flute For Your Kid

If your kid is nagging you for months that he wants to learn playing the flute, then you should consider skipping the toys for this year’s Christmas and shop around for a flute. You’ll make your child the happiest in the world when he will see that Santa brought him what he wished for. But before emptying your wallet there are a few things you should know on how to pick the right flute for your kid.

How to Play the Piano – A Complete Tutorial Overview

Whether or not you think you are musically talented, everyone would love the ability to play music for the friends, family or for the world. And regardless of your current ability it’s very possible to learn how to play the piano fairly quickly. Read more to learn how.

How to Play Piano With Your Eyes Closed

Discover a new way to play piano faster than you do. This will also help you become a better pianist because it will give you the mindfulness of a monk or the sharpness of a Zen master.

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