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Learning Guitar Is Easier Than Ever

There are a number of reasons why learning guitar is easier than ever including new guitar instruction formats, more media and better access to learning materials. Even your local guitar teacher is better suited to help you become a great guitar player.

Guitar Hacks

Millions of guitars are currently gathering dust in the corner. Unfortunately, this is what happens to 98% of all guitars purchased in the USA. Somewhere along the line, the owner became bored and stopped. In 15 years of teaching guitar I’ve seen some trends that lead to guitar abandonment. Whether your goal is playing one song by campfire or record an album, these tips will help to destroy boredom and advance your playing in record time.

Changing Chords On Guitar Without Stopping

When playing difficult chords on guitar, there are a number of things you can do to keep the rhythm and groove going. A few important tips are all that’s needed to change chords without stopping.

Next Level Guitar – Learn To Play The Guitar

Next Level Guitar is an online portal of online guitar lessons available in video and text form. The lessons can be downloaded to your computer and accessed anytime that you are ready to learn more. One can find more than 150 different beginners lessons available, including chords, chord charts, scales, hand fret positions, strumming techniques, major chords and more.

How To Learn Any New Skill On Guitar

Ever wondered how to best approach learning a new skill on guitar? Here’s an article I’ve written to help you tackle that very dilemma.

3 Double Bass Drum Techniques For Improved Speed And Power

Double bass drumming is predominant in heavy metal, death metal and punk music. There are 3 predominant playing styles for the bass drum pedal. All 3 are discussed here, as well as a place to learn more about these techniques.

An Inside Look At Midi Sequencing And Production

What’s so special about MIDI production? Well, one unique aspect is that technology has evolved so much, that you can actually use the same software as famous Grammy-winning artists, without paying a fortune for it. Read more to get the scoop.

How To Play Electric Guitar – A Beginner’s Guide

This article is a beginner’s guide to playing the electric guitar. It covers everything from the different roles the electric guitar can play in a band, to the techniques need to play the instrument, to getting a good sound.

How to Prepare Your Music Room for a Taiko Drum Lesson

Taiko drums are a form of Japanese percussion that have grown in popularity over the years. These huge drums are big (in fact, that’s what ‘Taiko’ means!) and due to their huge size can produce a truly powerful sound.

Playing Guitar and Singing – Six Things to Know to Sound Like A Pro

Accompanying yourself on guitar or backing up another singer requires the right approach and a certain set of skills. Your job is to play the kind of guitar part that supports the singer and the song and there are six things you can do to make that happen. Keep it simple.

Cracking in Piano Soundboards

Many older pianos develop cracks in their soundboards. This article will help the piano owner who has one of these pianos to determine if this is a serious problem.

Common Mistake When Learning How To Play Guitar

I have been lucky enough to have the pleasure of teaching a young girl named Angela how to play the guitar. Her parents came to me and explained that she had been taking lessons for nearly a year with another instructor, and that they had not seen her make the progress in her playing that they had hoped for.

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