Blues Slide Guitar Lesson – Bukka White’s Fixin’ to Die Blues with Rev. Robert Jones – TrueFire

How To Sing In Tune Vocal Exercises

Are you singing out of tune? Read this article to sing in tune.

How to Ace A Singing Audition

There is something about musical auditions that make them seem more popular than others. It is very unlikely like that young performers can get through school without getting a shot at some part of a musical. Some special skills are needed for successful audition as a singer.

Power Chords: Release Your Guitar’s Inner-Strength

Power chords are the main reason why rock n’ roll have a distinct sound apart from jazz, reggae or folk. Typically, the songs which fall into the rock category-hard rock, heavy metal, thrash metal and punk uses a 2 note pattern amplified and distorted. Link Wray’s “Rumble”, Howlin’ Wolf’s “How Many More Years” and “Cotton Crop Blues” are the pioneering songs that featured power chords.

Ukulele Comparison: A Comparison of Different Ukuleles and A Guide To Choosing The Right One For You

Are you interested in playing or buying a ukulele but not sure where to start? There are several different types available, and choosing one might seem overwhelming if you are a beginner or not familiar with ukuleles. This article will give you a brief history of the ukulele and explain the features of each different kind so you can decide which ukulele is right for you.

How to Choose An Ideal Drumstick

The most common drumstick comes from wood. Sturdy woods like oak, maple and hickory give different benefits depending on your style of play. Maple is the lightest of the three.

Song Writing

I love writing songs. Here’s a few tips if you’re struggling for inspiration.

Guitar Tab – What Is It?

Trying to learn the guitar. Using tab but not sure what it means? Read on.

How to Speed Up Your Guitar Playing

Lots of guitarists ask how they can play fast. Shredding on the guitar can be fun. Read on for some tips and tricks on playing fast guitar.

Having Guitar Lessons

Learning to play the guitar can be challenging. Having lessons to learn the guitar is a good option but many guitarists have become good by teaching themselves.

How To DJ Guide

So you’re considering being a Disc Jockey? There are some things one needs to take into consideration before choosing this career path. Here are some things to consider on how to DJ…

How to Hold Your Drumstick?

Just like swimming, which has different strokes, there are different ways how to hold a drumstick depending on flair or music. You may have watched music videos and wondered how come a certain drummer holds his drumstick in a different way. Although an issue of personal preference, there is no doubt that different techniques creates various beats; this is something which you should learn.

Important Tips on Polishing Electric Guitar

In this article, we will discuss how to bring back the glow of your electric guitar. Polishing an electric guitar is a very important in maintaining the look of your instrument. Additionally, it creates a thin film of covering for your guitar to prevent further dirt and dust from creeping inside your guitar’s body.

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