Drum Chops on Guitar – Tommy Emmanuel Guitar Lesson

Drum Tips For Blues

Blues is a very old American music tradition that dates back in the 19th century. Back then, African plantation workers created songs about their hardships and labors with rhythms coming from their homeland. What came out from these exotic melodies is a musical culture that went global in the next 100 years.

Beginner’s Acoustic Guitar Lessons Part 4 – Guitar Chords for Beginners

Another basic term necessary for playing the guitar, a chord is simply two or more notes played simultaneously, forming a harmony between them. There are many variations when it comes to guitar chords, most likely more variations than the number of notes John Petrucci can play in a minute (he can play 20 notes per second or roughly 1200 notes a minute). Because there are so many variations, it is impossible to list them all here.

Top Choices for a Bass Guitar

Whether one is an amateur or a professional bass guitar player, it is always important to have a very good instrument to use. Of course, if the kind used in guitar playing is mediocre, it is only expected that the performance would not also be as nice as it should be.

The Features of an Acoustic Bass Guitar

The acoustic bass guitar is another type of guitar that is closely related to the Mexican guitars. Guitar playing with the acoustic bass is quite different. It is a bit similar to an acoustic guitar only it is larger than the steel string acoustic guitar.

A Few Tips To Jumpstart Your Creativity

The muse. Your imagination. Creativity. Whatever you want to call it, this is your source of inspiration for you musical workings. It strikes when least expected, whether you are prepared or not.

What Makes Bass Guitar Playing Cool?

Bass guitar playing is considered by many as cool for a variety of reasons. Oftentimes, the people who would say that it is cool are those who are just watching the performance and listening to the music being played. However, if you are the one playing the bass guitar, you would certainly realize also that indeed it feels cools to be on it.

Top Secret Techniques Guitar Players Must Know

Guitar players know that it takes more than just theoretical knowledge and skill to play songs effortlessly and become an expert in guitar playing. Along with knowledge and skill, technique is also important if you want to be the best guitar player you can be.

Simple Tips for Beginner Bass Guitar Players

Guitar playing is one of the best hobbies to enjoy when you have the passion for music. You can either learn to play an acoustic guitar if you are still a beginner or choose the lead or bass guitar if you believe that you already have what it takes to play these.

How to Remedy Guitar Players’ Sore Fingers

If you play a guitar, you probably know about sore fingers and how it is quite common for instrumentalists like you to get them because of frequent and prolonged guitar playing. This is especially true during the first few weeks of guitar lessons and practice; wherein your still soft fingers get in contact with the hard guitar strings.

Best Hand Exercises That Guitar Players Should Do Regularly

Guitar playing is a physical activity and demands exertion. It necessitates the use of muscles and bones just like any other exercise or activity and so, the guitar player may injure himself or herself without proper preparation and posture. It is essential, then, for a guitar player to do hand exercises regularly to avoid inconvenient pain and injuries.

Common Complaints Beginners Have When Learning the Guitar

Playing the guitar right won’t take just a day for you to become successful at it. There are a lot of things that you need to follow and learn. If you will not follow the basic things that will be helpful for your learning, you will experience all the discomfort and painful sessions.

All About Guitar Playing for the Left-Handed People

It’s not easy for left-handed people to do the normal things we do. This is so since a lot of tools and equipment are created for right-handed people. The same thing applies with guitars. So for those people who have the passion for guitar playing yet are left-handed, they need to seek out some solutions to be able to pursue their guitar playing passion.

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