EASY Guitar Song Lesson: “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton

Guitar Tuition and Its Added Benefits for All Ages

People of all ages are now recommended to either begin a new instrument or pick up an old one in order to add the word “musician” to their repertoire. Whether it is to learn Classical guitar or contemporary Rock, it is important for the player to have proper help in learning new techniques to optimize their playing capabilities.

Bending – How To Execute A Perfect Bend Every Time On Guitar

Bending is the most important technique to master in my opinion, but it is very challenging to do perfectly every time. You can always tell the level of a player based on how he or she bends. If the note is a bit sharp or flat every time the player bends, you know the he is a beginner. If you listen to professional guitar players, they have perfect and clean sounding bends every time. The technique I am about to tell you will improve your bends drastically. There are only three points you have to remember in order to execute a perfect bend.

10 Recording Tips

I’d like to provide a useful guide for bands to enhance their studio experience. Don’t assume that you can use the tuner plug in on Pro Tools or that the studio will have a tuner for you.

Guitar Notation For Beginners – Your First Step To A Clapton Lick Or Dire Straits

Guitar notation for beginners can seem like a hurdle to get over and this is especially true for someone who never had formal musical training or instrument training. Guitar notation is all about notes and timing of the beat, tempo, etc. and this is the first step on your road to playing an awesome Clapton lick or something from Dire Straits.

Ways on How You Can Learn Guitar Lessons Online

The online world is a powerful place where you can master the thing you want to master in the most excellent way. If your passion is playing the guitar but you think you need more improvement, it will definitely give you what you want. You might be wondering on how you can learn guitar online. Well, just read this article and you will know how.

Finding The Right Beat Making Program

A beat making program is able to help you to create hip hop beats on your PC, which is a great deal better than investment in an costly music studio. Music production can be quite uncomplicated if you are using the correct beat making software program, continue reading accordingly to hear how to obtain the right one.

Tools to Learn Bass Guitar

Today, if you know how to play the guitar people will consider you to be very cool. But if you want to do away with the usual acoustic and electric guitar, you might want to learn bass guitar. In this article, you will know the basics when it comes to playing it right so start to be happy because you can now grab the chance to have what you have always been dreaming of.

Musicians Institute – College of Contemporary Music

Unlike most music schools, or the music programs at major colleges, the Musicians Institute – College of Contemporary Music gives its students a concentration in something that most schools just can’t do. That thing is contemporary music, every day, all the time. There are no elective classes on other subjects, and there are no history classes going back to the days of baroque or Renaissance music.

The Benefits of Music Lessons

As children grow older, they want to excel or grow in various sports; things like soccer, hockey, gymnastics, dance, etc. Nowadays it is crucial to enhance and encourage children in things like music lessons – where they can obtain and education that helps develop their cognitive abilities, as well as their sight reading, ear training, and rhythm. All of these skills that are developed at a young age actually helps build up confidence and determination to set personal goals, as well as an aim to achieve them.

Complete Information About Guitar Instruction DVD

According to the first users who tried it, DVDs give great guitar learning experience because of the fact that they present the right guitar techniques clearly and accurately. As compared to written instructions, they are considered to be superior because of the fact that the finger placement can easily be understood and applied as well. To get the right guitar instruction DVD for you, three of the sources you can choose from are bookstores, online and music shops. To get the high quality one, the trick lies on proper choosing.

Help Yourself to Learn Guitar With the Beginner Guitar Lesson Online

Discouragement is said to be one of the best weapons of the devil. If you are playing guitar and you are trying your very best to learn it, but until now you still can’t the beginner guitar lesson online is here for you. With the help of the Internet, you can always pursue your dreams because the lessons are more simplified as compared to the traditional classroom learning. Through this, you will discover that there are several benefits it has in store for you.

Know the Online Guitar Lessons For Kids

Can you see a potential in your kid to be a great musician someday? Did he ever tell you that he wants to become a great guitarist of a band? Since you are the parent, it is your responsibility to mold his future and his talents as well so instead of spending money for music schools, why don’t you check out what the online world can do for you? It offers the widest range of the best and the most interesting online guitar lessons for kids.

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