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The Magic Of Learning Guitar Scales

Learning guitar scales is of the utmost importance for any aspiring guitarist with enough time to practice and a great desire to succeed. Scales are successions of notes that create a certain feeling and make the music you play sound in a certain manner, like happy, sad or frightening. Different music genres require you to master various scales, so you need to be familiar with them and even intimate so you can play the way a certain music piece is intended to be played.

Writing Country Songs

Some may say that country songwriters have it easy and that country music has simple lyrics that lack the twists and turns rock songs sometimes possess, or the harshness that rap songs often symbolize. But such views about country music are wholly inaccurate. The fact that the lyrics are simple and direct is what makes writing lyrics for country music an even more daunting process for country songwriters.

How to Write a Country Song

A common question about how to write a country song is whether or not you need to be able to play an instrument in to write country song lyrics. While you don’t need to plan instrument to write country lyrics, you should at least need to be able to hum a song and understand the patterns and rhythms of country music. To understand how to write a country song, you should understand that the title of your country song is important not only for marketing purposes but also because it serves as…

Writing Rap Songs

Writing rap songs requires the ability to mix the instrumental beat and the lyrics with flow and rhythm. When working on writing rap songs, the song writer can start by first choosing a topic on which to base the song. As songs are mostly a form of creative expression, they revolve around topics that are important to the song writer which makes the song writing experience as personal one.

Guitar Fingertapping – The Eruption of Virtuosic Guitar Wizardry

Pioneered by Eddie Van Halen and Steve Hackett, guitar fingertapping is an absolute staple in rock guitar solos. Get a feel for the evolution of two-handed tapping and how it has grown into one of the most sought-after techniques in modern guitar.

Fingerpicking Guitar – An Easy Introduction

Guitar fingerpicking may seem like a huge challenge when you’re first learning to play. The fact is, there are easy points of entry to have you sounding like a pro with just a little instruction and practice.

The Power Hour Method of Improving Your Skills As a Musician

Many musicians hit a plateau and get frustrated because they stop improving. If this is you, you may need to change your practice technique. Here I share one way of doing that

How Organ Playing and Driving a Car Are Similar

Have you ever played on a historical organ? If you have, you may have noticed some of the things which make playing such an instrument seemingly uncomfortable – height of the bench, heaviness of key and stop action, position of the pedals and manuals etc. – everything put together is quite a burden to adjust for an aspiring organist.

How to Achieve Legato With Small Hands On the Organ?

Organists with small hands may find playing legato a very difficult task. In this article I will share with you one very practical trick which will help you to achieve legato.

Can Music Affect Individual Behavior?

Music is said to be able to evoke both distinct emotions and behaviors in people. Understanding the power of music can help people to better comprehend the benefits of music, whether it is through playing music, learning music, or hearing music.

Tips and Tricks for Learning Piano Faster and Easier

Always wanted to learn piano but didn’t think you had the time? Here’s how to learn in the most time efficient manner.

Learn To Play the Guitar – Unleash the Power of Bar Chords

So you’ve been strumming away on your guitar and ripping through some pentatonic blues scales over the last few months. However, something in the back of your mind is eating away at your playing style. You think relentlessly for a few agonizing days and nights and then it hits you like a freight train.

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